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National Impact Awards

The Canadian Cancer Society Impact Awards recognize impact, innovation and excellence. They provide the Society with the chance to celebrate those who are making a difference in the fight against cancer. They are the highest honour we can present to an individual or group. 

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  • Leadership

    These awards are offered annually to volunteers who have made significant contributions as leaders in the fight against cancer.

    Outstanding Youth Leadership Award
    This award recognizes a Canadian Cancer Society youth volunteer who has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills.

    2016 recipients
    Maike van Niekerk
    Shadi Mousavi-Nia

    Medal of Courage
    The Medal of Courage is presented to a Canadian Cancer Society volunteer who has demonstrated exceptional courage in their personal battle with cancer or as a caregiver to someone who has had cancer. In doing so, they serve as an inspiration and role model to others.

    2016 recipients
    Brock Ramsay
    Delila Chenery
    Mariette Lafrance
    Agnes McCarthy
    Ron Levy
    Teresa Bell
    John Hunt
    Diane Devitt
    Micheline Bélanger

    Transformational Leadership Award
    This award recognizes an individual or a group that has played a part in transformational change within the Canadian Cancer Society through their exceptional contributions and selfless volunteer leadership.

    2016 recipient
    Shelly Norris 

    Leadership in Community Engagement Award
    This award recognizes an individual or a group whose significant and innovative contributions as well as selfless volunteer leadership led to a progressive change within a Canadian Cancer Society program, event or activity. Community can be defined in terms other than geographic.

    2016 recipients
    John Osler
    Margaret Davis

  • Program delivery

    Program in Action Award
    The Program in Action Impact Award is offered annually to an individual, a group or an associated Society program that has made a lasting impact on the Society’s mission.

    2016 recipient
    Miss UV team and Miss UV volunteers

  • Public policy

    Leadership in Public Policy Award
    This award is offered annually to an individual or a group that has made a significant contribution to the fight against cancer within the public policy domain.

    2015 recipient
    Michael Perley

  • Revenue generation

    These awards are offered annually to individuals, corporations or community partners that have made a significant leadership and/or financial contribution to the fight against cancer.

    Golden Corporate Achievement Award
    This award recognizes a corporation/business partner that has provided exceptional leadership and/or financial support for the Canadian Cancer Society. It has embraced the Society’s mission and has become a pillar of support.

    2016 recipient
    Golf Canada

    Corporate Achievement Award
    This award recognizes a corporation/business that has made a significant financial contribution to 3 or more divisions of the Canadian Cancer Society.

    2016 recipient
    Industrial Alliance

    Relay For Life Award of Excellence – Leadership
    This award is given to a committee of volunteers within a community who have made exceptional contributions and demonstrated exemplary leadership in overseeing a Relay For Life event.

    2016 recipient
    Relay For Life Listowel

    Relay For Life Award of Excellence – Team
    This award is given to a team that embodies the spirit of Relay For Life (celebrate, remember, fight back) and serves as a model for other teams in terms of revenue generation, community engagement and mission integration.

    2016 recipients
    L’espoir donne des ailes
    Moms on the Run

    Community Achievement Award
    This award recognizes an independent or third-party group that has initiated or championed a fundraising event in an innovative or unique way resulting in a significant financial contribution and, in the process, has developed a sustainable event.

    2016 recipient
    Colon Cancer Gala

  • Local volunteer awards

    The Saskatchewan Division Honours and Awards program exists to celebrate, appreciate and honour all the individuals and groups that make, and have made, an impact on our mission. We believe that our honours and awards program serves as:

    • a public celebration of the individual or group, their loved ones and co-workers, and the volunteer and staff team that made the accomplishment, and the impact on our mission, possible
    • an opportunity to give a personal and public heart-felt thank you to those individuals or groups
    • a way to demonstrate our continued admiration and thanks to all previous award recipients, without whom the accomplishments of today would not be possible

    The Saskatchewan Division is committed to sustain an awards program that:

    • demonstrates appreciation for, and the acknowledgement of, the unique combination of impact, innovation, excellence, dedication and commitment of each recipient
    • celebrates and builds upon the connection between the recipient and the Society
    • inspires existing and prospective individuals and groups to engage with the Society

    We encourage you to nominate someone you feel should be recognized.  Please note that:

    • Nominators must be: a current volunteer or staff member of the Saskatchewan Division
    • Nominees must be one of:
      1. a current Saskatchewan Division volunteer
      2. a group, business, school or organization that is currently working with the Saskatchewan Division
      3. a team captain or team member of a Saskatchewan Division event
    • volunteers who are on the unit or division award deciding body are not eligible to be nominated
    • nominations are confidential. Please do not disclose to the nominee your submission. This prevents disappointment by the nominee should the nomination not be successful.
    • upon review of your submission, the staff contact may recommend a more appropriate award category, ask for more details to be included within the nomination, recommend that a nomination be re-submitted in another year, or that an alternate method of recognition be considered. The nominator has the discretion to submit the nomination ‘as is’ or to enhance its nomination, and perhaps increase the chance of success

    For more information on the award categories and the decision-making process please email us at



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