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Use your cancer experience to help others

One-on-one volunteers know what it’s like to live with cancer because they are cancer survivors or were caregivers to someone with cancer. Through CancerConnection, our nationwide telephone support program, peer support volunteers offer encouragement, compassion and practical support – from diagnosis, throughout treatment and beyond – to the person living with cancer and their family.

The Society also offers adult support groups in many communities across Canada. The types of groups available in each area may vary. Some groups are specific to one type of cancer, while others may offer general support for people living with cancer.

CancerConnection volunteers are matched based on factors such as type of cancer, sex, treatment, side effects, relationship to the person who is diagnosed, age and family situation. All volunteers receive extensive training and ongoing support.

This program allows volunteers the flexibility to volunteer from the convenience of their own home. Our volunteers can be matched with people who live locally or in any part of Canada. Almost all matches are over the phone, though in some cases, matches can be in person if the volunteer and cancer patient live in the same community and would both prefer to meet face to face.

All volunteers must be 19 years or older and be a cancer survivor or caregiver to apply. Click here to view opportunities.



Norma Kehoe We need to support research into all causes of cancer in order to save lives.

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Making progress in the cancer fight

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The 5-year cancer survival rate has increased from 25% in the 1940s to 60% today.

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