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Youth 4 Action Grant

After four successful years, Ontario’s Youth 4 Action program is closing.  This means that there will be no grants offered this fall (2018).

Since 2014, 156 high school, post-secondary and community-based youth groups from across Ontario have implemented prevention, advocacy and fundraising campaigns to educate their peers about reducing cancer risk and adopting healthier lifestyles. 70,032 youth aged 14-24 years have participated in or been reached through these initiatives.

We will be looking for other ways to engage young people in the fight against cancer like the Relay for Life Youth program.  Read more

You can also explore our website to find helpful information on how to reduce your risk of cancer. Making healthy choices can be easy, affordable and quick. You can take small but important steps to stay on the path of great health no matter what age you are. Read more



Heather Moyes I encourage every woman – regardless of how young or how old – to be aware of their body

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Great progress has been made

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Some cancers, such as thyroid and testicular, have survival rates of over 90%. Other cancers, such as pancreatic, brain and esophageal, continue to have very low survival rates.

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