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Using social media to defeat cancer

There’s a lot of buzz about social media and for good reason. People, companies and organizations are using online platforms to promote, engage and educate.

At the Canadian Cancer Society, we encourage you to spread our message and become an advocate through social media. Participate online as a #cancerfighter and together we can make a difference.

  • Subscribe to our communities

    When you subscribe to our social media channels, our online communication gets stronger. And it’s an easy way to keep on top of what we’re fighting for and to share and respond to our action items.


  • Useful hashtags

    Contribute and follow what others are discussing in the twitterverse. These hashtags are commonly used for tweeting about Canadian Cancer Society topics:

    • #cdnpoli – Canadian federal politics
    • #cdnhealth – Canadian health
    • #MyDaffodil – cancer awareness in April
    • #WhyIRelay – Relay For Life
    • #daffodilDay – cancer awareness in April
    • #cancerfighter – cancer awareness and advocating for change and for the Canadian Cancer Society

  • Cancer-fighting tweets

    There is strength in numbers. The more people who know about our fight, the better chance we have of winning.

    Following, mentioning and retweeting our account @cancersociety is an excellent way to support our efforts.

    Use the hashtag #cancerfighter when advocating for us and to increase awareness.

  • Join the fight on Facebook

    By sharing, commenting and Liking our content on Facebook, you’re helping us reach a larger audience.

    Post about your experiences and the issues you care about – help us best represent those touched by cancer when we advocate for change.

    And spark discussion on issues we will be advocating for – comment and provide us with feedback so we can fight on your behalf.

  • Social media in New Brunswick

    The Canadian Cancer Society New Brunswick uses social media platforms to share information about cancer-related issues, promote our support and information services and volunteer opportunities, and advocate for healthy public policies.

    People living with cancer also have an opportunity to connect with others sharing a similar experience through our social media platforms.

    Join us on Facebook at

    Follow us on Twitter at @CancerSocietyNB (



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