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Big Tobacco Lies is a youth-led awareness and advocacy campaign dedicated to preventing youth from using tobacco products through education and awareness-raising, as well as advocating for legislation that limits the ability of the tobacco industry to promote tobacco products to people of all ages, especially youth. 

Our goal is to educate youth about the sneaky and deceptive tactics used by the tobacco industry to rope in and recruit new smokers while empowering youth to speak up and help break the ties with Big Tobacco Lies.

The campaign was created by the Tobacco Industry Action Committee (TIAC), a group of motivated youth from all over Ontario working together to raise awareness and expose the manipulative ways of the tobacco industry. We hope to make a difference by educating youth and motivating them to fight back against the tobacco industry, as well as igniting a passion in youth to not only fight for themselves but to also fight for others.


How You Can Help!

The Tobacco Industry Action Committee (TIAC) is ready to work with youth across Ontario to expose Big Tobacco Lies and educate youth about their deceptive strategies to hook young tobacco users.

Recruitment for Big Tobacco Lies Ambassadors to help implement the campaign in their communities is NOW OPEN. Youth interested in being part of this effort can sign up here TODAY

REGISTER BEFORE DECEMBER 31st to become a Big Tobacco Lies Ambassador in your community!

Note: Ambassadors are considered program participants and do not have to be registered Canadian Cancer Society volunteers to participate. 

Ambassadors are prepared for their role by attending a one hour online training where they are linked with TIAC members in their region for on-going support and joint planning. They are also sent a toolkit of ideas and materials to help carry out activities as well as as give-aways to help them bring the campaign to life at their schools and in their communities.

With the successful passage of Bill 45, the Making Healthier Choices Act in May 2015, TIAC has decided that the next issue the campaign will tackle is plain packaging.


Contact: Jordan Prosper - Senior Coordinator, Cancer Prevention at

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