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It's World Cancer Day: See the difference one day makes

Cancer affects us all – here in Canada and around the globe. February 4 is World Cancer Day, a day that unites people, communities and entire countries to raise awareness and take action. In one day, we can make a difference, together.

Today, 565 Canadians will hear the words, “You have cancer.” For these people – our friends, loved ones or neighbours – today may be the most challenging day of their lives.

Yet, thanks to you, today also brings hope – because together, we will offer a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on and a promise that no one will face cancer alone.

On any given day, the Canadian Cancer Society funds 300 of the brightest minds who are working on promising research that could change the future of cancer. Close to 2,600 Canadians are volunteering their time to help improve the lives of patients and their families.

This World Cancer Day, join the fight against cancer by getting involved.

Share our World Cancer Day infographic

Share this infographic with your friends and family to show how we’re making an impact in the lives of Canadians affected by cancer every day.

A female scientist with a microscopeExperience a day in the life

Get a glimpse into a day in the life of a survivor, researcher, advocate and cancer information specialist.

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Volunteer in your community

Champion the fight against cancer in your community! Sign up to become a volunteer for Daffodil Month and help make a difference.

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Support the fight against cancer

Donate today to fund innovative cancer research and support services that help change the lives of patients and their families.