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Take a One Night Stand Against Cancer

Support friends and family members in your community and pick up the tab for a night or two at Daffodil Place. For just $100 a night, you can help relieve the financial burden of a cancer diagnosis helping a family focus on treatment and support of their loved one.


About Daffodil Place

Daffodil Place is a 24-room facility operated by the Canadian Cancer Society, Newfoundland and Labrador Division, for people with cancer and their caregivers who must travel to St John’s for cancer treatments.

The Society is committed to easing the financial and emotional burden of a cancer diagnosis through support services such as Daffodil Place. Daffodil Place offers more than just a place to sleep, an in-house chef prepares three healthy meals a day, transportation to and from appointments, and large community rooms where guests can gather for an evening of entertainment and support.


Daffodil Place is more than a lodge

Shana Allen

“This was the only peace we were able to find while the rest of our world was upside down."

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Daffodil Place is a lifeline

David Rex

“I was staying in St. John’s all by my lonesome because my wife was too sick to travel with me. Daffodil Place was my lifeline.”

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Daffodil Place felt like home

Donna Blundon

“It is funny how one of the darkest times in your life can be one of the best times in your life, and it was all because of Daffodil Place."

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