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Hold your own event

No matter how small or how large a contribution is, it makes a difference in the fight against cancer. You can help make cancer history by hosting an event to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Developing your own fundraising event is easier than you think! Let your imagination take over: you could organize an aerobics marathon, a bowling tournament, have those around you sponsor you in a challenge… your creativity is the limit.

How to organize your own event
10 steps to organizing a successful event

Before you start planning your event, contact your regional office of the Canadian Cancer Society to see how we can help you.

To ensure a successful event, we suggest the following 10 steps:

  • 1. Brainstorm and decide on your event

    Chat with friends and colleagues to develop an idea for an event that is fun, original and that excites you. Short on ideas? How about:

    • rummage sale
    • cultural event – play, concert
    • carnival, party
    • dinner-dance
    • tournament – baseball, tennis, lawn bowling
    • sporting event – relay race, aerobics
    • fashion show
    • "a-thons" – walk-a-thon, dance-a-thon, rock-a-thon
    • golf tournament
  • 2. Form an organizing committee

    It takes a lot of time and energy to plan a successful event. Recruit enthusiastic and dedicated people to help.

  • 3. Get your event in our calendar

    The Canadian Cancer Society wants to know more about your event. Once you have decided on an event concept, contact your regional office of the Canadian Cancer Society to tell us about it. That way, we can see how we can help you out.

  • 4. Set a budget

    Remember: the lower your costs, the larger your contribution to the fight against cancer.

  • 5. Determine your target audience

    Understanding your target audience—those who are likely to participate, either because they support the cause or enjoy the activity—is crucial to the success of your event. Identify your target audience for promotion and participation.

  • 6. Set the date

    Schedule your event for a day, time and location convenient for those who will be attending.

  • 7. Event logistics

    Attention to detail is essential to the success of every event.

  • 8. Promotion

    Flyers, posters, word-of-mouth and other promotional tactics will help make your event a success. We ask that all materials citing the name of the Canadian Cancer Society be sent to us for approval. The Canadian Cancer Society must be able to respond to inquiries about any initiative being held in its name. The Canadian Cancer Society does not pay for advertising. If you have including paid advertising in your promotional plan, it is up to you to assume the costs.

  • 9. Deposit of funds

    We ask that you collect and submit the net funds raised to the Canadian Cancer Society within 14 days of your event if you require charitable income tax receipts.

  • 10. Saying thank you

    This may be the last step, but it’s also the most important. Please communicate to the volunteers who helped to organize the event and to those who participated how vital a role they played. Tell them how much we appreciate their contribution to the fight against cancer. Let them know how much money was raised and how it will be used.

For more information about how to hold your own fundraising event to help make cancer history, please contact your regional office of the Canadian Cancer Society



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