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Youth Relay For Life

Bring your school community together to celebrate, remember, and fight back against cancer with a Youth Relay For Life event.

It’s a chance for students to enjoy a day of fun activities, to honour those who have won the battle and remember those lost. It’s an educational opportunity to learn more about cancer, early detection, screening and prevention. It’s a way for students to make a positive difference in the lives of people living with cancer.

Why host a Youth Relay?

Build community spirit. Relay For Life builds spirit in your school as students and staff unite for a common cause that affects everyone. Relay is inclusive of all ages, interests and ability levels. We have a program that fits every educational level from elementary to post-secondary.

Provide leadership opportunities. Relay For Life provides students with a hands-on opportunity to develop and practice their leadership skills. This student-led initiative teaches youth about charitable causes and volunteer involvement.

Celebrate, remember and learn. Relay For Life lets you celebrate those in your school community who have beaten cancer, remember those who lost the battle and teaches students and staff about cancer prevention and how to fight back.

What happens at a Youth Relay event?

Youth Relay For Life can be adapted to suit your school – as either a day-long, half-day, or overnight event. 

Most events usually incorporate the following elements:

  • Opening Ceremony: to welcome students, staff and family to the event
  • Survivors’ Victory Lap: to honour those members of your community who have survived cancer or who are living with cancer
  • Luminary Ceremony: to honour loved ones who are living with cancer and remember those who lost their lives to the disease
  • Educational opportunities: where students and staff can learn more about cancer
  • Fun activities: to ensure that students have fun over the course of the event, and to remind them that this is a celebration
  • Closing Ceremony: to thank students, staff and family, and give them the opportunity to make a commitment to fight back against cancer

Who can host a Youth Relay?

Youth Relay For Life can be adapted for all levels of education – from elementary school to post-secondary. 

Is there a cost involved?

There is no cost to the school and the Canadian Cancer Society will provide all of the materials and support that is needed to host a successful event.

Where does the money go?

Money raised through Youth Relay For Life funds the most promising cancer research, supportive care to people living with cancer, comprehensive cancer information, prevention initiatives, and advocacy for healthy public policy.

Ready to get started? Contact your local Canadian Cancer Society office to speak with a Youth Relay For Life coordinator.



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