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By participating in the Canadian Cancer Society – Vancouver Whitecaps FC 50/50 Program, Whitecaps FC fans will be contributing charitable proceeds to the Canadian Cancer Society’s mission of the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of people living with cancer.




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2013 - 2014 Winners


Match  Date  Winning Ticket Number  Prize  Winner 
vs. Toronto FC  Mar 2, 2013  1490244  $5,381.00  Jean Biloddeau 
vs. Columbus Crew  Mar 9, 2013  3499998  $3525.00  Sheryll Fisher 
vs. Real Salt Lake  Apr 13, 2013  135316  $5,244.00  Ryan Ueland 
vs. FC Dallas Apr 27, 2013 142104 $6,158.00 Ryan Carl Byrd
vs. FC Edmonton May 1, 2013 145529 $2,900.00 Unclaimed
vs. LA Galaxy May 11, 2013 275067 $9,680.00 Christopher Lung
vs. Portland Timbers May 18, 2013 497700 $5,635.00 Angelo Stradiotto
vs. Montreal May 29, 2013 157037 $5,617.00 Betty Staughton
vs. New England June 15, 2013 0166473 $5,850.50 Zanim Noorani
vs. Chivas USA June 19, 2013 0179266 $4,485.00 Ross MacDonald
vs. Seattle Sounders July 6, 2013 0191708 $7,374.00 Nicholas Lachetta
vs. Chicago Fire July 14, 2013 0205915 $4,480.00 Jordan Wapass
vs. Philadelphia Union July 27, 2013 0215193 $5,209.00 Ronald Krause
vs. San Jose Earthquakes Aug 10, 2013 0220413 $4,897.00 Aaron Gysemans
vs. LA Galaxy Aug 24, 2013 0369327 $6,716.00 Filip Spasojevic
vs. Chivas USA Sept 1, 2013 0370711 $5,949.00 George Watts
vs. Real Salt Lake Sept 28, 2013     0258826 $6,246.00  Scott Snyder 
vs. Portland Timbers  Oct 6, 2013 0262694 $5,507.00 Arman Hosseini
vs. Colorado Rapids Oct 27, 2013 0277388 $5,608.00 Jeffrey Bannard
vs. New York Redbulls Mar 8, 2014 Yellow 0011465  $7,895.00 Unclaimed 
vs. Houston Dynamo Mar 29, 2014 Yellow 0022656 $16,887.00 Kasey Harris
vs. Colorado Rapids Apr 5, 2014



$8,416 Unclaimed
vs. LA Galaxy Apr 19, 2014



$19,016.50 Bob Brody

Rules and Information

  • Tickets are 3 for $5; 10 for $10
  • Must be 19 years or older to purchase a 50/50 ticket.
  • Ticket buyers receive a row of single raffle tickets. The corresponding individual tickets are placed into the draw bin. One ticket is placed in the bin for each ticket purchased.
  • Ticket sales occur at Whitecaps Football matches at BC Place and must not be sold outside B.C..
  • Tickets are sold from the time the doors open until the end of the half time intermission. Volunteers sell tickets at all entrances to BC Place, on the concourse and on the 300 level suites. Some volunteers also sell in the bowl during the 1st half.
  • The draw is completed within the first 10 minutes of the second half on the concourse at section 227. A random ticket is drawn from the ticket draw bin by an individual who has not purchased a ticket.
  • The winning number is announced in the 2nd half. In the case of a discrepancy between the announced number and the actual number – the actual number will be considered to be the valid winning ticket.
  • Winning numbers and amounts are also available on the Canadian Cancer Society website at www.cancer.ca.
  • Prizes may be claimed at Guest Services at section 234. Winners has 10 days to claim the prize. Only the holder of the winning ticket may claim the prize. Canadian Cancer Society shall have no responsibility to any other person who claims any interest or right to receive all or any part of the prize associated with a winning ticket.
  • In the event that a prize is not claimed within 10 days from the time of the draw, that prize amount will be added to the prize amount at the time of the next draw.
  • Prize is paid by cheque and will be distributed at the time of the event.
  • Winning numbers and amounts are posted at Guest Services on Level 200.
  • The following individuals are not eligible to participate in the 50/50 draws: 50/50 program contractors, staff and volunteers.
  • To contact the 50/50 program, please email us at amameri@bc.cancer.ca.

Actual odds depend on # of tickets sold.
BC Gaming Event Licence #53049.
Problem Gambling Help Line 1-888-795-6111

Know your limit, play within it.
19+ to play!


Please play responsibly. For more information, please visit www.bcresponsiblegambling.ca.


To learn more about the 50/50 Program, please contact Andrea Mameri, 50/50 Coordinator by email at amameri@bc.cancer.ca.