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Sugar-Free September

Fancy a month off the sweet stuff to help raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society?

Commit to quitting the cookies and brownies, lock up the doughnuts, ditch the candies and kick the sugar habit by signing up to Sugar-Free September and raise money for life-saving research and vital services for people living with cancer.

Sugar-free September is an online third-party fundraiser that challenges people to give up food and drinks with added sugar for a month in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. It helps participants adopt healthier food choices, while also raising funds for an important cause. Most Canadians consume diets high in added sugar, which can lead to excess weight gain. Research shows that being overweight or obese increases the risk of cancer.

Almost 7,000 cancers diagnosed in Canada last year were attributed to excess body weight, a risk factor for breast, colorectal, esophageal, gallbladder, liver, kidney, pancreatic and uterine cancer. Yet, only one-third of Canadians are aware that excess weight increases the risk of cancer.Get your health and body back on track by reducing your intake of food and drinks with added sugars from your diet for an entire month! It’s a great way to learn how easy it is to moderate consumption while also feeling the benefits of healthier eating.

Why you should sign up

  • Raise vital funds for cancer research and support programs
  • Gain strength in numbers by joining our online community for support, recipes and fundraising tools and tips
  • Use a Golden Ticket to take a day off from the challenge for a special occasion


Photo of Pat Hartley It didn’t matter how much experience and knowledge I had about cancer. I was in shock.

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Great progress has been made

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Some cancers, such as thyroid and testicular, have survival rates of over 90%. Other cancers, such as pancreatic, brain and esophageal, continue to have very low survival rates.

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