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Face-to-face Program

Your donations help to fund cancer research and provide support nationwide.

The Canadian Cancer Society's door-to-door* fundraising programs aim to secure long-term monthly donations from people all across Canada. Monthly donations provide the Canadian Cancer Society with the ability to plan ahead and provide ongoing funding for research projects, information and support services and prevention and advocacy initiatives.

With 1 in 2 Canadians expected to be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, we are seeking passionate monthly donors to support our vital work. Steady funding from monthly donations supports long-term research that saves lives, and provides information and support services that deliver compassionate care to cancer patients and their caregivers, friends and families year-round.

We work with a company called Globalfaces Direct to make sure all our fundraisers are trained with the most up-to-date information about the Canadian Cancer Society. This way they are able to answer any questions you may have.

Join our monthly giving program today!

Currently this program is active only in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario. To learn more about our face-to-face program, view our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does the Canadian Cancer Society do face-to-face fundraising?
    Face-to-face fundraising allows the Canadian Cancer Society to raise awareness by reaching out to people in the communities all across Canada. It is a safe, secure and cost-effective way to initiate support and raise funds for monthly giving. Steady funding from monthly donations supports long-term research that saves lives, and ensures community services can deliver compassionate care to cancer patients and their families year-round. It helps reduce administration costs so more money goes directly to programs and services.
  • How do I know if a fundraiser is legitimate?

    Our door-to-door canvassers generally work between 12pm and 9pm, from Monday to Saturday.

    All of our fundraisers are easily identified by the following items on their person:

    • CCS lanyard with ID badge
    • CCS laminate
    • CCS welcome kit
    • CCS branded vest
    • CCS winter toque (in Fall and Winter)
    • Tablet bag
    • Electronic tablet such as an iPad

    If you are unsure if a canvasser is legitimate you can contact our Donor Services at the contact information below.

  • Are canvassers volunteers?

    Most Canadian Cancer Society canvassers are not volunteers. They are paid in accordance with Imagine Canada and AFP guidelines. They do not receive a commission and are not evaluated solely on how many donors they sign up.

    An exception to this is Daffodil Month. During the month of April, volunteer canvassers across the country collect one-time donations from people in their community. This program allows CCS to raise awareness and funds in neighborhoods that the paid canvassing campaigns may not have the opportunity to reach.

  • I want to support the Canadian Cancer Society but am not comfortable giving at the door. How else can I give?
    Donating at the door is safe. However, if you would prefer, please make an online donation, consider becoming a monthly donor or participate in one of our annual fundraising events. Donations can also be made by calling Donor Services at the contact information below. No matter how you choose to give, your gift will help us provide lifesaving research and compassionate support services for people with cancer.
  • Who should I contact for questions or concerns involving the face-to-face program

    Donor Services
    Phone: 1-888-939-3333



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