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Jail-N-Bail is a lighthearted fundraising event that gives you the opportunity to put your colleagues in jail and put cancer behind bars for good!

Jailbirds are arrested by police officers or volunteer detectives at their workplace and taken to a “mock” jail, where they stand trial in front of a judge. After pleading their case and being found guilty, jailbirds must use their connections to raise bail for their release.

Jail-N-Bail is a team effort - we encourage the Snitch to get things started by donating to the Jailbird’s bail prior to the event. And Jailbirds who have kick-started their fundraising will enjoy a shorter stay in the slammer and may even receive mercy from the judge.

Help us put cancer behind bars for good!

Winnipeg - CF Polo Park Shopping Centre - October 27, 2017 from 11am - 3pm.



Nikki Ross Volunteering during Daffodil Month is a fun way to show your support.

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Reducing the burden of cancer

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Canadians can help CCS fund the best research and support people living with cancer by donating and volunteering.

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