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Paint the town yellow

Daffodil Month fundraisers

April is Daffodil Month, a time for Canadians to unite in the fight for life. For people living with cancer, the daffodil is a symbol of solidarity and support; it shows them they don’t have to face cancer alone.

You can be a leader in the fight against cancer by bringing Daffodil Month to your school or workplace with a Paint the Town Yellow fundraiser.

Dream it

Whatever inspires you, plan an event around it. You can host a casual sports game featuring yellow jerseys, organize a yellow bake sale, host a 'wear yellow' day, plan a daffodil tea or luncheon, or anything else that strikes a chord with you. By harnessing your creativity, you’ll share your enthusiasm with your school or workplace and rally even more people to your cause.

Plan it

Once you’ve chosen a theme for your event, we will help you make it happen. With expert fundraising tools and guidance along the way, your event will make a significant impact on the lives of people living with cancer now and in the future.

Live it

See all your good work come to fruition at your event. Be inspired as those around you rally together to fight back against a disease that has touched so many. Enjoy the day and be proud that you are raising money for people living with cancer in your community and across the country.

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