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Volunteers are urgently needed in April. When you volunteer just a few hours of your time during Daffodil Month, you help save lives and support people who are living with cancer. Volunteering is a small gesture that makes an enormous difference.

Morgan selling daffodil pins

“As a volunteer, it feels good to work with others to promote a charitable spirit in our community. I get to show that not just the adults can make a difference.” – Morgan

“I would encourage everyone to volunteer for the Canadian Cancer Society, especially young people. Just put on a smile, sell some daffodil pins and you’ll see what a rewarding experience it is.” – Tuli

“Volunteering for the Society has turned into a family affair and we plan to continue the tradition for many more years to come.” – Rosemary

If you’re looking for a way to give back to the community, complete your 40 hours or experience a different kind of family outing, volunteering during Daffodil Month is your best bet.

Whether it’s helping to sell daffodil pins at locations throughout your community or fresh daffodils at your neighbourhood Loblaws or affiliated store, volunteering your time this Daffodil Month will have a huge impact. Please select your community from the list below to sign up for a daffodil pin or fresh daffodil sales shift.

Find local volunteer opportunities

The Society’s residential campaign operates in several communities across Ontario. As part of the campaign, Society volunteers canvass their local street for donations. If you’re interested in being a residential canvass volunteer, contact your local community office.



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