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Volunteer for our Daffodil Campaign

This spring, volunteer for the Canadian Cancer Society Daffodil Campaign in your community. With the passion and support of our volunteers, no other cancer charity does what we do. We fund game-changing research into more than 100 types of cancer. We are proud to offer compassionate programs and support services – like our coast-to-coast, cancer information helpline – so no one has to face cancer alone. And we advocate to make healthy living a possibility for everyone.

For the nearly 1 in 2 Canadians expected to be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, we’re here to help. With your support, we can continue to change lives for the better. Join us by volunteering and together, we can prove that life is bigger than cancer.

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“As a volunteer, it feels good to work with others to promote a charitable spirit in our community. I get to show that not just the adults can make a difference.” – Morgan

“Volunteering for CCS has turned into a family affair and we plan to continue the tradition for many more years to come.” – Rosemary

Find local volunteer opportunities

Volunteering during our Daffodil Campaign is a meaningful activity for anyone looking to give back to their community, complete their 40 hours of community involvement or experience a different kind of outing with their family and friends.

Please select your community from the list below and search for opportunities to help sell daffodil pins in your area.

Canvass your neighbourhood

The Canadian Cancer Society’s door-to-door fundraising campaign operates in several communities across Ontario. As part of the campaign, volunteers canvass their local neighbourhood for donations. If you’re interested in being a door-to-door canvass volunteer, contact your local community office.

Host your own fundraiser

Organize a fundraiser to engage and inspire your family, friends or co-workers to help you make a difference for Canadians affected by cancer.



Carol Leuken You can’t travel with Prairie Women on Snowmobiles and not be changed.

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Funding world-class research

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Cancer affects all Canadians but together we can reduce the burden by investing in research and prevention efforts. Learn about the impact of our funded research.

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