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Volunteers are urgently needed in April. When you volunteer just a few hours of your time during Daffodil Month, you help save lives and support people who are living with cancer. Volunteering is a small gesture that makes an enormous difference.

Help us fight back against cancer by volunteering for one of our campaigns!

Daffodil Campaign:
  • coordinate orders of fresh daffodils at your workplace by pre-ordering daffodils online – until February 21
  • sell fresh daffodils in your community – March 16-25
  • deliver fresh daffodils in Winnipeg – March 16-25
  • put a daffodil pin box in a high-traffic area at your workplace – April
Door-to-Door Campaign:
  • join our Door-to-Door Canvassing team as a Canvasser, Poll Captain or Area Chair – April 1 - 30
  • become an Online Canvasser and engage friends, family and co-workers in the fight for life from your own computer – April 1 – 30

For information about helping with the Daffodil Campaign or other volunteer opportunities at the Society, contact Karrie Smyth at 1-888-857-6658 or

For more information about canvassing, contact Jana Pringle at 204-789-0881 or

To volunteer for the Daffodil Campaign, click here. To volunteer for the Door-to-Door Campaign, click here. To volunteer for the The Daffodil Campaign outside of Winnipeg, contact Karrie at 1-888-857-6658 or within Winnipeg, contact Genny at 204-789-0885 email



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