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Since the 1950s, bright yellow daffodils have arrived in communities across Canada to mark the beginning of Daffodil Month. To this day, the daffodil continues to symbolize strength and courage to those living with cancer.

At the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), we know that while cancer changes people, it does not have to define them. Our goal is to prolong life and enhance the quality of life of those affected by cancer. At CCS, we want to help people facing cancer live their lives more fully.

Money raised through flower sales helps people living with cancer and funds life-saving research, information and support services.

Daffodil flowers will be for sale across the province between April 11th and April 20th, 2019. To locate a flower retail location in your community please contact the Canadian Cancer Society at 1 902 566 4007.

Tignish Co-op
Alberton – Independent Grocer
O-Leary – Farmer’s Co-op
Summerside Farmer’s Market
Summerside Giant Tiger
Summerside Walmart
Summerside Sobeys
Summerside Superstore
Kensington Save Easy
Morell Co-op
Souris Co-op
Souris Save Easy
Montague Superstore
Montague Sobeys
Belfast Coopers Red & White
Stratford Sobeys
Charlottetown Sobeys West Royalty
Charlottetown Superstore West Royalty
Charlottetown Canadian Tire
Charlottetown Farmer’s Market
Charlottetown Confed. Court Mall
Charlottetown Walmart
Charlottetown Superstore University Ave.
Charlottetown Sobeys – Allen St
Potentially Jean Canfield
Cornwall O’Learys
Hampshire Clow’s Red and White
Murray Harbour – L&O Butler’s Grocery Store
Murray River


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