Cops for cancer

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Cops for Cancer

For 16 years, Cops for Cancer, a Canadian Cancer Society event, has been bringing together police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and community members who want to be concretely involved in the fight against this disease. On May 17 2016, you and your colleagues are invited to a huge shave-o-thon at Complexe Desjardins. At the centre of the event will be emergency services personnel, who inspired by the cause, have decided to commit to the point of sacrificing their hair!

Mobilize family members, friends, loved ones, and acquaintances so that they will support your symbolic gesture for a financial contribution.

The money collected will go towards fulfilling the Canadian Cancer Society’s goals and mission to eradicate cancer and enhance the quality of life of people touched by this disease.

To register for the event and kick off your fundraising, please visit the Cops for Cancer website,



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