Naughty or Nice Humboldt 2017


November 28, 2017 - November 28, 2017 - 9am to 5pm

Humboldt Uniplex

619 17th Street

Humboldt , Saskatchewan

S0K 2A0

Help Santa put more people on the 'Nice' list!

The Canadian Cancer Society's Naughty or Nice event takes place in Santa’s workshop set up in a shopping centre. Normally upstanding citizens become Naughty Elfs and are given a ride by the reindeer to Santa’s workshop where they have Santa review their standing on the naughty and nice list. If found to be naughty (fairly likely), they can work their way to the nice list by helping out in Santa’s workshop gathering donations from co-workers, friends and family to help to support the Canadian Cancer Society's life-saving work.

Everything gets started when one of “Santa’s Little Helpers” suggests that a boss, co-worker, friend or family member should be on the naughty list. The Canadian Cancer Society confirms the situation with the "Naughty Elf". On workshop day, “Reindeer” (volunteers in antlers and bells) arrive to fly the naughty elf to the workshop. Once there, Santa reviews their naughty and nice qualities with the help of the Head Elf .

If found on the naughty list (count on it), the naughty elf has a chance to shift to the nice list by raising funds in the workshop for the Canadian Cancer Society. Naughty elves use their mobile phones or other wireless device to call, text and email colleagues, friends and relatives to ask for help. When the workshop tasks are complete, the naughty elf receives an official certificate and a place on the nice list. Most workshop adventures last 2-3 hours.

Rumour has it that Santa will accept milk and cookies (or money) from Naughty Elves in exchange for a fast pass to the nice list.

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