Risk reduction strategies for multiple myeloma

Risk reduction is taking action to lower one’s risk of developing cancer. The following risk reduction strategies may reduce the chance of developing multiple myeloma.

Maintain a healthy body weight, eat well and be physically active

Research shows that being overweight or obese increases your risk for developing multiple myeloma. Being physically active and maintaining a healthy body weight may help reduce the risk of multiple myeloma.


Eating a healthy diet that includes cruciferous vegetables (such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts), fish and foods high in vitamin C may help to reduce the risk of developing multiple myeloma.


Follow Canada's Food Guide.

Protect yourself from harmful materials at work

Research has shown that people who work on a farm have a higher risk of developing multiple myeloma.

  • If possible, use the smallest amount of pesticides possible or use safer alternatives.
  • Wear protective clothing and equipment to minimize exposure to potentially harmful materials.


See a list of questions to ask your doctor about risks.



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