Gallbladder cancer

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Gallbladder cancer statistics

It can take several years to collect and confirm cancer data, so the number of new cancer cases and deaths from recent years may not be available for some time. The most recent data available are provided below.

Incidence and mortality

Incidence is the total number of new cases of cancer. Mortality is the number of deaths due to cancer.

The most recent incidence statistics for gallbladder cancer are from 2010:

  • 510 Canadians were diagnosed with gallbladder cancer.
  • 170 men were diagnosed with gallbladder cancer.
  • 340 women were diagnosed with gallbladder cancer.

The most recent mortality statistics for gallbladder cancer are from 2012:

  • 252 Canadians died from gallbladder cancer.
  • 98 men died from gallbladder cancer.
  • 154 women died from gallbladder cancer.

For more information about cancer statistics, go to the Canadian Cancer Statistics publication.


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