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Cancer of unknown primary

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Treatment of adenocarcinoma of the peritoneum

Adenocarcinomas account for most cases of cancer of unknown primary (CUP). Adenocarcinomas in the lining of the abdomen (peritoneal carcinomatosis) in women are often treated like ovarian cancer. Treatment is similar to that used for a stage III ovarian cancer.


Surgery may be done to remove as much of the cancer as possible (called surgical debulking or cytoreductive surgery). This may include removing the uterus, ovaries and Fallopian tubes.


Chemotherapy may be offered after surgery. The chemotherapy drugs used are often the same as those for ovarian cancer and include a platinum drug or a combination of a platinum and a taxane drug.

Clinical trials

Women with CUP may be offered the opportunity to participate in clinical trials. For more information, go to clinical trials.


Dr Vuk Stambolic Dr Vuk Stambolic and his colleagues explore whether a diabetes drug can fight cancer.

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Celebrating cancer survivors at Relay For Life

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