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Treatment of chondrosarcoma

The following are treatment options for all stages of chondrosarcoma. The types of treatments given are based on the unique needs of the person with cancer.


Surgery is the primary treatment for chondrosarcomas. The types of surgery are:

  • surgical resection
  • limb-sparing surgery
    • The surgeon will try to use this technique whenever possible for a chondrosarcoma in an arm or leg.
  • amputation
    • Amputation is used if limb-sparing surgery cannot be done or if it would not be possible to reconstruct a useful limb.
  • curettage
    • Curettage is used for low-grade tumours in bones other than limbs.
  • reconstruction

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy may be offered for chondrosarcomas. External beam radiation therapy may be used before or after surgery for:

  • tumours that cannot be completely removed by surgery because of their location
  • high-grade tumours, such as dedifferentiated or mesenchymal tumours

Clinical trials

People with chondrosarcoma may be offered the opportunity to participate in clinical trials. For more information, go to clinical trials.


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