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Dr Aaron Schimmer

Bernard and Francine Dorval Prize co-recipient in 2012

Dr Aaron SchimmerDr Aaron Schimmer’s research focuses on drug discovery for leukemia and identifying new treatment strategies that target leukemia and leukemia stem cells. His work uses automated and robotic equipment to screen chemicals in order to identify probes that can be used as tools to better understand unique biological vulnerabilities in these cells. He has advanced 3 drugs from his lab into clinical trial for patients with leukemia and related blood disorders.

Dr  Schimmer is a staff physician in the department of hematology/oncology at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network, a senior scientist at the Ontario Cancer Institute, and an Associate Professor in the Departments of Medicine, Medical Biophysics, and Institute of Medical Sciences at the University of Toronto.

Dr Schimmer has been highly productive since becoming an independent investigator and has published over 135 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals from both his lab-based and clinical work. His work in novel therapeutics has resulted in over 20 patents and patent applications.

He is a strong cancer research ambassador with the ability to convey the importance of his research to public audiences and has been a dedicated peer-review committee member for several research organizations.



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