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Support the fight against cancer in your workplace

Dry Feb Heroes Fight Cancer!

Dry Feb is an online third-party fundraiser that challenges people to go booze-free for the month of February and collect donations in support of the Canadian Cancer Society.

Through Dry Feb, we raise awareness about the link between cancer and alcohol, promote the idea that we can modify our alcohol consumption to reduce cancer risk and raise funds to support the Canadian Cancer Society’s work.

Participants are supported by an online community of other participants, providing advice, help and encouragement throughout the challenge.

Dry Feb is in its second year in Canada. Last year, more than $48,000 was raised through this online fundraiser and 75% of surveyed participants said they would drink less in the future after participating in Dry Feb.

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Volunteer for Daffodil Month

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Volunteers are urgently needed in April. When you volunteer just a few hours of your time during Daffodil Month, you help save lives and support people who are living with cancer now.

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