Family Day Cook-a-thon

Family Cook Off

When the weather outside is frightful, spending time indoors with your family around the table is just delightful!

Nothing brings people together quite like a beautiful meal, so this Family Day, start a new family tradition by getting the whole gang involved in whipping up something tasty (and of course healthy!) that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Whether you want to create breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a homemade snack, choose from these easy and delicious recipes to get your Family Day cook-a-thon started.

Breakfast: Lazy mornings practically beg for these fluffy zucchini waffles with fresh berries. Dust off your waffle iron for a treat the whole family will love! Pro tip: try letting your kids experiment with food colouring to add a pop of colour to their breakfast, or let them decorate their own waffles using the berries. Funny faces are encouraged!

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Lunch: Everyone loves pizza, we just may not love all of the calories associated with it. Now you can cut the starch with this cauliflower pizza crust recipe. Pro tip: Make the crusts ahead of time, and then get the pizza party started by asking your kids to create their own individual pizzas. Cut out the processed meat options and focus on vegetables to top the pizzas to give your kids the healthiest options to choose from.

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Snack: Homemade baked goods feel so decadent that you would hardly know the secret to this moist banana loaf is actually non-fat plain greek yogurt! Fill your house with the smell of freshly baked treats that are perfect for an afternoon snack when you’re on the go, or just enjoying a cozy day inside with the family. Pro tip: Make this loaf even more fun by baking your banana bread in mini muffin tins for bite-sized goodness the kids are sure to love!

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Dinner: What more could any busy parent want than a hearty one-pan dinner that takes minimal prep time but is bursting with flavor? This roast chicken with butternut squash and apples does it all. With its fragrant aromas and heaping portion of succulent veggies, your family will know that dinner was made with love. Pro tip: Buy a big enough chicken that there will be leftovers. Ask your kids what they want to cook with the remaining chicken and then try it out– their answers might just surprise you!

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Cooking together as a family can be a fun and bonding experience, but even beyond that, allowing your kids to help in the kitchen will teach them about the proper nutrition they need to grow and develop. For more information and tips on eating well as a family, click here.