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Get Screened

Members of the LGBT community experience higher rates of cancer partly because they don’t receive cancer screenings as frequently as their heterosexual and non-trans counterparts.

The Society and its Get Screened program aim to increase cancer screening rates among the LGBT population in Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton. 

Get Screened trains volunteer Health Ambassadors to speak to friends, families and social networks about the importance of screening; develops cancer prevention materials including a website, specific to LGBT communities; works with community partners to provide training for health care providers, and organizes LGBT cancer screening opportunities.

Over the past year the program has trained ‘Health Ambassadors’ from diverse LGBT communities who have engaged in over 2,000 screening conversations with their networks and at community event booths. 

To ensure that LGBT communities have positive screening experiences, Get Screened has partnered with Rainbow Health Ontario to develop and deliver cultural competency training to physicians, screening technicians and other healthcare professionals. The training provides screening test information and tips on how to create welcoming and inclusive environments for LGBT clients.

Interested in helping us spread the word about the importance of screening in the LGBT community?  Get Screened will train volunteers to deliver cancer screening messages to friends, family, and members of their social networks.  Find out how you can get involved.