Passionate runner turns marathons into fundraiser for cancer

Domenic Angelicchio at the Boston Marathon

Motivated Canadians, like Domenic Angelicchio, are finding ways to support the fight against cancer in all that they do. Passionate about running, Domenic has taken part in marathons around the world, including the Rome Marathon and this year’s Boston Marathon, where he finished only minutes before the heartbreaking terrorist bombings. And for each marathon he runs, he’s also raising money for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Domenic’s determination to run and fundraise for cancer is fueled by a personal loss. Last fall, Domenic lost a very dear friend, named Eddie, to pancreatic cancer. For over a decade, Eddie and Domenic had a friendship filled with travels, wine and many special memories. In his friend’s memory, Domenic has already raised an astounding $13,000 by running marathons worldwide in support of the Society in order to “beat this silent killer before we lose another friend,” he explains.

Like Domenic, you can turn any activity into a fundraiser. Visit Hold Your Own Event to learn how.

Tips for running in the heat

Before you hit the pavement for a short or long run this summer, be sure to follow these five fool-proof running tips. These and other running tips can be found on the Running Room’s website.

  1. Drink at least two cups of water before and an additional cup for every 15-20 minutes during your run.
  2. Wear a vented cap, sun visor, sunglasses and protective sunscreen.
  3. Apply Vaseline under your arms and inner thighs and gentlemen - around the nipples and ladies - under the bra line. This will reduce chafing - a common problem in the summer months.
  4. Adjust your intensity to the temperature. In extreme conditions, slow down your pace.
  5. Make sure you have a variety of fruits in your diet. Watermelon, oranges, bananas, strawberries are a good way to take in vitamin C and potassium - two nutrients that are lost when we sweat.

Running Room Canada is a partner of the Canadian Cancer Society for Run to Quit, a program that encourages people trying to quit smoking to replace that habit with running. Visit for more information.

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