Five ways to get moving this fall

September 2019 -

Did you know that being active reduces your cancer risk?

New metastatic breast cancer research Dream Team announced

September 2019 -

The Dream Team will receive up to $6 million in funding to conduct research to test a new way of treating metastatic breast cancer.

One rider's journey to help kids facing cancer

September 2019 -

Bob Lee joined CCS’s Cops for Cancer event after a child with cancer made a lasting impression.

Offering support to create hope

September 2019 -

April and her 12-year-old daughter Bria know there is more to life than Bria’s cancer diagnosis.

New report shows significant increase in blood cancer survival

September 2019 -

Our Canadian Cancer Statistics 2019 report released earlier this month shows remarkable improvement in blood cancer survival.

Making cancer control an election priority

September 2019 -

We’re asking party leaders to put cancer on the agenda this election. Find out what we’re doing and what it would mean for Canadians. 

Stuck for healthy snack ideas? Try these zucchini-corn muffins

September 2019 -

With a spark of heat from cayenne, these muffins are wonderful on their own or with a salad.

Expanding our support system for people living with cancer

July 2019 -

Through our partnership with Wellspring Cancer Canada, we’re introducing new self-care support programs for people living with cancer in Atlantic Canada.

Supporting Canada’s refreshed cancer control strategy

July 2019 -

CCS supports the priorities of Canada’s refreshed strategy to improve the cancer experience, help people live longer and enhance their quality of life.

Eat more fibre and try this couscous salad!

July 2019 -

Increasing fibre in your diet could reduce your risk of cancer

New funding for hard-to-treat cancer research

July 2019 -

CCS recently announced funding for 50 research grants, including new investments in hard-to-treat cancer research.

United from coast-to-coast for a cure

July 2019 -

The CIBC Run for the Cure’s metastatic breast cancer multi-site team has raised more than $310,000 for metastatic breast cancer research since its inception.

New programs and policies to help Canadians live their lives more fully

July 2019 -

Through advocacy, support and education, we're helping people live longer, healthier lives.

Spring into summer with a new recipe

May 2019 -

Looking for a new dinner idea? Read on for a delicious recipe for spring rolls with mango hummus.

Remembering through Relay

May 2019 -

Every year, Linda Wong attends Relay For Life to celebrate the lives of her sisters.

Excess weight expected to become second leading preventable cause of cancer, after tobacco

May 2019 -

Earlier this month, we released a landmark study on preventable cancer cases.

Sunscreen 101: Top tips from CCS

May 2019 -

Do you know the right way to choose and apply sunscreen? These tips will show you how.

Pedal-powered cancer research

May 2019 -

Ride2Survive, the largest independent fundraising event benefitting CCS, has been funding hard-to-treat cancer research for 15 years.

A breakthrough in stopping brain metastases -- before it begins

April 2019 -

You helped fund groundbreaking research

Plant-based proteins

March 2019 -

Follow the new Canada Food Guide’s recommendation to eat more plant-based protein by making these sweet potato falafels for dinner.

Proving that life is bigger than cancer

March 2019 -

This Spring, your support will help people facing cancer, like Yaslyma, live their lives more fully.

Life in the face of cancer: Watch our new PSA with Eric McCormack

March 2019 -

CCS’s partnership with Stand Up To Cancer continues this year with the launch of our new PSA with “Will & Grace” star and Stand Up To Cancer Canada Ambassador Eric McCormack.

A vital upgrade for a vital tool

March 2019 -

CCS’s Community Services Locator has been upgraded to make valuable support services for people affected by cancer more accessible.

Spring cleaning for cancer

March 2019 -

The Spring Yard Cleanup for Cancer has raised over $700K in nine years, helping fund innovative new leukemia research.

Cutting-edge immunotherapy treatment extends lives

March 2019 -

This Spring, your support will help people like Yaslyma live their lives more fully with cancer

Bringing a community together to help fund our mission

January 2019 -

In 2019, BC’s Asian Giving Committee will celebrate 25 years of fundraising and educating their community about CCS.

Patient-funded grant inspires chordoma research

January 2019 -

For the first time in its history, the Canadian Cancer Society has funded research into a rare type of cancer called chordoma through its Chordoma Research Grants.

Breaking it off to live smoke-free

January 2019 -

Sarah Diotto starting smoking at age 13. Over a decade later, she’s celebrating her third year smoke-free, thanks to CCS’ Break It Off program.

Kick start 2019 with some magical mocktails

January 2019 -

Can you go 28 days without alcohol? Go dry this February by switching to mocktails for the month.

Have your say in this year’s federal budget

January 2019 -

CCS calls on Canadians to support CCS’s 2019 federal budget submission.

Our 2018 highlights

January 2019 -

Thanks to your support, 2018 was a game changing year for CCS.

Uniting the hockey community to support people living with cancer

November 2018 -

CCS has partnered with Hockey Fights Cancer to raise funds for CCS’s lodges, support services and transportation programs.

5 reasons to give a Gift for the Cure

November 2018 -

This holiday season, give a meaningful gift that helps the 1 in 2 Canadians affected by cancer.

Healthy habits for the holidays

November 2018 -

Pass on the hors d’oeuvres this holiday season and whip up this delicious salad instead.

Help shape the future of cancer care in only 30 minutes

November 2018 -

For the first time ever, Canadians have a unique opportunity to inform how cancer patients are cared for in our country. Read on to find out how you can help in only 30 minutes.

CCS honours Canada’s best cancer researchers

November 2018 -

This year’s winners of the Canadian Cancer Society Awards for Excellence in Cancer Research are helping to drive game-changing advancements in cancer research.

Countering chemotherapy’s severest side effects

November 2018 -

Chemotherapy drugs are effective at killing cancer cells but they can also cause severe side effects by damaging healthy cells and tissues. One CCS-funded research team is making strides to prevent that from happening.

Helping people with cancer create their own healthy blood

September 2018 -

A recent clinical trial has shown promising results for patients with blood cancers. Now, the researcher is hoping to take it to the next level.

Harnessing the power of the death cap mushroom

September 2018 -

Dr David Perrin from the University of British Columbia is the first in the world to harness a cancer-killing toxin from the poisonous death cap mushroom.

Put down your salt shaker

September 2018 -

Eating too much salt may increase your risk of stomach cancer. Put down your salt shaker and enjoy a flavourful fall soup instead.

Cancer prevention tips for everybody

September 2018 -

Online tool provides personalized cancer prevention information and tips.

Walking together for a healthier and safer community

September 2018 -

Jennifer Wilson and Sandra Ward both value an active lifestyle. So when the opportunity came up to help run a Walking School Bus program at their childrens’ school, they didn’t hesitate.

Helping change and save children’s lives

September 2018 -

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month – an important time for us all to consider what we can do to help children live long, healthy lives.

Providing comfort with a cup of tea

July 2018 -

Tetley now supplies tea to all CCS lodges that provide a home away from home for people facing cancer.

A financial transformation – a letter from our CEO

July 2018 -

Our CEO Lynne Hudson discusses CCS’s incredible transformation and looks to the future

Breakthrough research results change cancer treatment worldwide

July 2018 -

Clinical trial results from the Canadian Cancer Trials Group change breast and pancreatic cancer treatment standards around the world.

Beat the heat this summer by turning down your grill

July 2018 -

Cooking meat at high temperatures creates chemicals that may increase cancer risk. Turn the BBQ down this summer and opt for a veggie burger instead.

Almost half of colorectal cancers are found after they have already spread

July 2018 -

New statistics report reveals troubling news

Camp offers kids with cancer and their families a chance to enjoy summer

July 2018 -

After a leukemia diagnosis at age nine, Bailey Sanguin and his family attended Camp Goodtimes. Years later, he returns each summer as a volunteer.

Running together to make breast cancer beatable

July 2018 -

Newfoundland's Circle of Friends team has raised over $200,000 for the CIBC Run for the Cure.

Canada becomes world-leader in tobacco plain packaging

July 2018 -

New national regulations are most effective in the world and will help save lives.

Clinical trial brings new hope for pancreatic cancer treatment

May 2018 -

Inspired by an innovative treatment for kidney and lung cancers, this clinical trial is showing early promise for one of the hardest-to-treat cancers.

Be sun safe, and try this summertime salmon recipe

May 2018 -

Try getting your vitamin D from your diet, instead of exposing yourself to UV rays.

We’re here for you. Anytime, anywhere.

May 2018 -

By phone, app, or online, CCS offers support to Canadians wherever they are, at any time.

Revealing what’s really in your grocery bag

May 2018 -

Nutrition labels could help Canadians make better food choices.

Sabrina shares her Relay For Life experience with everyone, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

May 2018 -

This 22-year-old cancer survivor knows what brings her back to Relay each year.

Daffodil Month continues to inspire this volunteer to support CCS

March 2018 -

This April, volunteer or donate to Daffodil Month and help people with cancer in your community.

Improving the cancer patient experience

March 2018 -

CCS is working to fill the significant gaps in the cancer patient experience, as highlighted in a recent report.

A home away from home

March 2018 -

CCS offers lodges to cancer patients and their caregivers who must travel away from their hometowns for treatment.

Saving lives through saliva

March 2018 -

A CCS-funded researcher aims to save more lives by making genetic testing more accessible for Canadians.

Fuel-up and move more

March 2018 -

Increase your daily exercise and fuel your body with this tasty vegetarian stuffed pepper.

High-tech, personalized cancer research receives significant funding

March 2018 -

CCS has committed to invest almost $9 million in high impact cancer research projects.

Go Dry this February

January 2018 -

This year, Dry Feb is available to participants across Canada. Not only do participants raise money for CCS, but they get to benefit from the perks of a month off alcohol.

Using viruses to fight cancer

January 2018 -

Learn how CCS-funded researchers are leading the way in research on cancer-fighting viruses.

Stop marketing to our kids

January 2018 -

Canadian children and youth are exposed to ads for unhealthy foods and beverages every day and research shows that food and beverage marketing has an impact on the foods children eat

Breathing easier thanks to Smokers' Helpline

January 2018 -

After being a smoker for 40 years, Cindy won’t be buying any more cigarettes.

We fought for change and won! Top 10 highlights of our advocacy work in 2017

January 2018 -

Advocacy led by the Canadian Cancer Society is making a difference. We meet with local, provincial and national governments to persuade them to make the fight against cancer one of their top priorities and to develop healthier public policies.

New Year, new stew

January 2018 -

Did you know that eating red and processed meats increases your risk of colorectal cancer? Try this tasty vegetarian recipe.

A year of being stronger together – a word from our CEO

January 2018 -

In 2017 we continued to deliver on our promise to have more impact, against more cancers, in more communities, than any other cancer charity in Canada.

Detecting cancer sooner through liquid biopsies

January 2018 -

CCS-funded researchers are making great advancements in helping improve how cancer is detected, diagnosed and treated.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 2017 -

With the help of supporters like you, we’ve made incredible progress over the years.

A natural killer of cancer cells

September 2017 -

Learn about how special immune cells are being harnessed to fight cancer, thanks to Canadian Cancer Society donors.

Support young Canadians facing cancer

September 2017 -

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Daffodil Month a reminder of how Canadian Cancer Society is transforming cancer care

April 2017 -

As we mark the 60th anniversary of Daffodil Month, at the Canadian Cancer Society we reflect on the progress we’ve made to date and acknowledge the need for Canada to innovate to meet this and other health challenges in a resource constrained environment.

Together, we are stronger

February 2017 -

On February 1, 2017, the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) joined forces to increase operational efficiencies and further our impact on all types of cancer for all Canadians.

Tips to embrace the winter weather

January 2017 -

Give these activities a try to help keep you warm and healthy all winter.

Society-funded cancer researchers appointed to Order of Canada

July 2016 -

Dr Eduardo Franco, Dr Philippe Gros, Dr Gerald Batist and Dr Mark Levine receive prestigious national honours on the eve of Canada Day.

Society-funded research could mean earlier detection for oral cancer

April 2016 -

Many oral cancer diagnoses are not made early enough for successful treatment.

20 years of being here for all Canadians

March 2016 -

Please support the Society’s Cancer Information Service this Daffodil Month

Get friendly with fibre this March

March 2016 -

Reduce your colorectal cancer risk by filling up on fibre.

February 4, 2017 is World Cancer Day

February 2016 -

The Society is proud to support World Cancer Day - a global initiative where the world unites in the fight against cancer, bringing awareness of efforts to reduce the global burden of cancer.

Helping Canadians breathe easier

January 2016 -

National Non-Smoking Week 2016: January 17–23.

10 ways to prevent cancer in 2016

January 2016 -

Follow our 10 tips for cancer prevention to be your healthiest in 2016.


A holiday surprise for a family coping with cancer

December 2015 -

Society employees, community members and high school students surprise family with carols and holiday cheer.

Holiday wishes from Brett Kissel

December 2015 -

Brett Kissel takes a break from his tour to wish the Canadian Cancer Society and its supporters a very happy holiday season.

A big thank you to our donors!

December 2015 -

Your support in 2015 has meant the world to us! Every single dollar counts as we work toward eradicating cancer and enhancing the quality of life of people living with cancer.

During the holidays and throughout the year, we're here for you

December 2015 -

The Society is here to help. We offer support and information for people with cancer and their family, friends and caregivers all year round.

Could semen save your prostate?

November 2015 -

How one researcher is working to refine the screening process for prostate cancer.

Federal election 2015

September 2015

Golf Fore the Cure

February 2015

World’s ugliest animal provides cancer clues

September 2014 -

New study investigates cancer-resistant jelly

Society researchers present at prestigious international conference

June 2014 -

Findings from clinical trials could lead to changes in treatment

Taking it personally

March 2014 -

Join our first research tweet chat on April 1

Research news digest

January 2014 -

Tobacco, Hippos and treating brain cancer

Super resolution microscope brings cells to life

November 2012 -

First super resolution microscope in Canada used to discover how cells divide

Improving palliative care for cancer patients

November 2012 -

Study shows need for earlier referrals to palliative care services

MAGIC team of scientists find new strategies for treating childhood brain cancer

August 2012 -

Study looks at personalized treatment options for childhood brain cancer

New study on chemotherapy drugs

August 2012 -

Scientists use microscopic screening to improve drug therapies for patients

Dr Abhijit Guha receives 2011 Medal of Courage

April 2012 -

Neurosurgeon and cancer researcher honoured posthumously

Canadian Cancer Society innovation

March 2012 -

The Canadian Cancer Society Innovation Grants received 2 mentions in the March 6 Senate Debates

New research points to better treatments for childhood brain cancer

February 2012 -

Study explains why some treatments don’t work

Breast cancer prevention drug may decrease bone density

February 2012 -

Study shows drug may cause bone loss in some postmenopausal women

Increase in thyroid cancer rates studied

February 2012 -

High body mass index may boost risk, Society researchers find

Top research stories of 2011

January 2012 -

Society-funded researchers making important discoveries

Combined therapy helps prostate cancer patients live longer

November 2011 -

Study finds radiation and hormone therapy best treatment for aggressive prostate cancer

Society-funded research making an impact across Canada and around the world

June 2011 -

Research selected the best of the best at prestigious scientific meeting

Top 10 Canadian Cancer Society-funded research stories of 2010

January 2011 -

Canadian Cancer Society-funded researchers continue to discover ways to reduce cancer incidence and mortality and enhance the quality of life for Canadians living with and beyond cancer

Remembering cancer research pioneer

January 2011 -

Ernest McCulloch was one of the fathers of stem cell research

Cancer in young people

November 2010 -

Canadian Cancer Society led research says that young people with cancer (aged 15-29) have made impressive gains in survival

Canadian Cancer Society-funded researchers discovering ways to personalize cancer treatments

September 2010 -

Research findings point to potential new treatments for medulloblastoma and lung cancer

Canadian Cancer Society-funded researchers among the best in Canada

August 2010 -

Researchers are making a bigger scientific impact, study shows

Combined radiation and hormone therapy best treatment for aggressive prostate cancer

June 2010 -

Society-funded clinical trial finds combined treatment helps patients live longer

Common virus may yield new treatment for prostate cancer

March 2010 -

Society-funded researchers first to discover cancer-fighting properties of common virus

Canadian Cancer Society the largest cancer research funder in the voluntary sector

October 2009 -

New report shows Society-funded research represents more than 10% of overall cancer research investment in Canada

Shorter course of radiation therapy works for women with early-stage breast cancer

September 2008 -

Study shows shorter, more intense radiation schedule as effective as standard, longer treatment

Investment in cancer research

August 2008 -

Society welcomes report from Canadian Cancer Research Alliance

Gene signature may identify which lung cancer patients will benefit from chemotherapy, research finds

June 2008 -

Finding may identify which patients will benefit from chemotherapy

New results from breast cancer clinical trial show non-breast cancer related causes account for most deaths

February 2008 -

Findings show women need to be monitored for risk for non-cancer related conditions

Environmental toxins double risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, study finds

February 2008 -

Researchers find increased levels of toxins in blood samples from NHL patients

Stem cell “niche” discovery holds promise for new treatments

September 2007 -

Society researchers make important stem cell discovery

Canadian Cancer Society researcher discovers tumour suppressing gene

August 2007 -

Dr Poul Sorensen finds novel gene that helps stop growth of cancer cells

Canadian Cancer Society researchers present at international conference

June 2007 -

Research focused on new ways to treat a variety of cancers including breast, prostate, lung and gastrointestinal cancers