A breakthrough in stopping brain metastases -- before it begins

April 2019 -

You helped fund groundbreaking research

A vital upgrade for a vital tool

March 2019 -

CCS’s Community Services Locator has been upgraded to make valuable support services for people affected by cancer more accessible.

Spring cleaning for cancer

March 2019 -

The Spring Yard Cleanup for Cancer has raised over $700K in nine years, helping fund innovative new leukemia research.

Cutting-edge immunotherapy treatment extends lives

March 2019 -

This Spring, your support will help people like Yaslyma live their lives more fully with cancer

Plant-based proteins

March 2019 -

Follow the new Canada Food Guide’s recommendation to eat more plant-based protein by making these sweet potato falafels for dinner.

Life in the face of cancer: Watch our new PSA with Eric McCormack

March 2019 -

CCS’s partnership with Stand Up To Cancer continues this year with the launch of our new PSA with “Will & Grace” star and Stand Up To Cancer Canada Ambassador Eric McCormack.

Proving that life is bigger than cancer

March 2019 -

This Spring, your support will help people facing cancer, like Yaslyma, live their lives more fully.

Breaking it off to live smoke-free

January 2019 -

Sarah Diotto starting smoking at age 13. Over a decade later, she’s celebrating her third year smoke-free, thanks to CCS’ Break It Off program.

Have your say in this year’s federal budget

January 2019 -

CCS calls on Canadians to support CCS’s 2019 federal budget submission.

Patient-funded grant inspires chordoma research

January 2019 -

For the first time in its history, the Canadian Cancer Society has funded research into a rare type of cancer called chordoma through its Chordoma Research Grants.

Our 2018 highlights

January 2019 -

Thanks to your support, 2018 was a game changing year for CCS.

Bringing a community together to help fund our mission

January 2019 -

In 2019, BC’s Asian Giving Committee will celebrate 25 years of fundraising and educating their community about CCS.

Kick start 2019 with some magical mocktails

January 2019 -

Can you go 28 days without alcohol? Go dry this February by switching to mocktails for the month.