Go Dry this February

January 2018 -

This year, Dry Feb is available to participants across Canada. Not only do participants raise money for CCS, but they get to benefit from the perks of a month off alcohol.

Stop marketing to our kids

January 2018 -

Canadian children and youth are exposed to ads for unhealthy foods and beverages every day and research shows that food and beverage marketing has an impact on the foods children eat

Breathing easier thanks to Smokers' Helpline

January 2018 -

After being a smoker for 40 years, Cindy won’t be buying any more cigarettes.

New Year, new stew

January 2018 -

Did you know that eating red and processed meats increases your risk of colorectal cancer? Try this tasty vegetarian recipe.

Detecting cancer sooner through liquid biopsies

January 2018 -

CCS-funded researchers are making great advancements in helping improve how cancer is detected, diagnosed and treated.

A year of being stronger together – a word from our CEO

January 2018 -

In 2017 we continued to deliver on our promise to have more impact, against more cancers, in more communities, than any other cancer charity in Canada.