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Canadian Cancer Society Nationwide Strategic Plan 2010-2015

In March 2010, board of directors approved the Nationwide Strategic Plan 2010–15: The Fight for Life. Capitalizing on the Society’s history and reputation, the nationwide strategic plan builds on our strengths in programs, policy and research to advance progress in cancer control from prevention to end of life.

Our Nationwide Strategic Plan 2010–15 is bold and ambitious. With the full engagement of Canadians, donors, volunteers and staff, the Society will enable Canadians to deter, defeat and defy cancers and contribute to the:

  • reduction of cancer incidence rates for Canadians
  • reduction of cancer mortality rates for Canadians
  • enhancement of quality of life for Canadians living with and beyond cancer

Read our Nationwide Strategic Plan 2010-15: The Fight for Life

  • Our strategic priorities

    To make the most impact in 2010–15, the Society will

  • Our mission
    Our mission
  • Our strategic priorities in BC and the Yukon

    We will continue to work on these strategic goals in British Columbia and the Yukon to fulfill our mission of eradicating cancer and helping those who are living with the disease.

    Eradication of cancer (Prevention and Early Detection and Screening)
    1. Develop, fund, and implement the Cancer Prevention Centre.

    2. Enable BC and Yukon workplaces to access and implement the Wellness Fits program.

    3. Help raise awareness about the risks of occupational and environmental carcinogens in homes, communities and workplaces.

    4. Advocate to government for restrictions that limit/ban uses of and exposures to occupational and environmental carcinogens.

    5. Raise awareness about the importance of breast cancer screening with South Asian women through outreach efforts (grant funding from Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation).

    6. Provide an annual grant to fund biomedical research through the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute.

      Quality of Life (Support)

    7. Enable individuals, families and communities affected by cancer to enhance their capacity to thrive, through their use of Canadian Cancer Society support programs.

    8. Improve efficiencies, effectiveness and risk management across Canadian Cancer Society BC and Yukon Division’s support programs.

    9. Advocate to government for equitable access to care, primarily focusing on adequate transportation and accommodation services for all British Columbians and Yukoners.


    10. Contribute research funding and priority setting to Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute.



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