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Indoor tanning danger set to fade for Ontario youth

Minister of Health and Long-term Care, Deb Matthews, makes an important announcement with the support of Society staff and volunteers.

Minister of Health and Long-term Care, Deb Matthews, makes an important announcement with the support of Society staff and volunteers.

On March 7, the Honourable Deb Matthews, Minister of Health and Long-term Care introduced indoor tanning legislation. This is exciting news because the Society has been on the front lines advocating on the issue of youth and indoor tanning for more than seven years. During this time Society volunteers and staff across the province have met with MPPs, written letters to the editor and brought awareness of the dangers of indoor tanning.

This issue is important from a cancer prevention perspective because we know that indoor tanning bed use before the age of 35 significantly increases the risk of melanoma. Melanoma is one of the most common forms of skin cancer in young Ontarians aged 15 to 29, and is one of the most preventable. Putting the issue of youth and indoor tanning on the political radar is one of the many ways that we are fighting back against a disease that touches far too many lives.

“We applaud this decision aimed at saving lives and reducing the devastating impact of skin cancer,” says Joanne Di Nardo our Senior Manager of Public Issues. “We hope that all members of provincial parliament will act quickly to pass this legislation that has strong support from all parties and Ontarians,” she adds.

Don’t close the lid on this issue just yet! While this new legislation has been introduced at Queen’s Park, it’s important to note that it has not been passed into law. The legislation needs to go through second and third reading and receive Royal Assent before it’s passed into law. To help make this happen, we encourage people to continue to send letters to their MPPs by visiting

If you’ve already sent a letter to your MPP, why not send another? The more MPPs hear from their constituents on this issue, the more it will increase the likelihood of this legislation passing into law. You can also join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #tanbedban.

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