The Canadian Cancer Society’s Trottibus Walking School Bus: the Barthélémy-Vimont elementary school and 14 other Montreal schools are participating in the bus that makes children walk to school

06 May 2016

Montréal -

As a part of Montréal physiquement active, the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) has recruited 15 elementary schools in Greater Montreal to participate in Trottibus Week this spring. For a whole week, participating students and their families will have a chance to try out active transportation to school to decide if they want to adopt it for good.

”The Montreal Physically Active Regional Action Plan emphasizes access to active transportation and outdoor urban recreation. We are pleased to note that the Trottibus Walking School Bus promotes the same values,” says Anie Samson, in charge of public safety and resident services at the executive committee of the City of Montreal and Mayor of the Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension borough. “The Canadian Cancer Society’s Trottibus Walking School Bus has proven to be an excellent way to get children moving and inculcate the habit of using active transportation right from childhood. It has already shown its positive impact in other Montreal boroughs and elsewhere in the province.”

“Going beyond the school curriculum, the educational system should become a promoter of physical activity among its students,” says Catherine Harel Bourdon, president of the Commission scolaire de Montréal. “The majority of schools are generally located within walking distance; the Trottibus Walking School Bus is available to a majority of our schoolchildren so that they can enjoy the pleasure of daily exercise.”

In addition, this project is very strong on safety. Parents don’t need to fear letting their children walk to school. In fact, the Canadian Cancer Society insists on three conditions for the implementation of a Trottibus Walking School Bus: volunteers must undergo a criminal background check, take road safety training and wear a fluorescent project vest. So, the group walks safely and remains very visible by its number and yellow vests.

The Trottibus Walking School Bus enables elementary school children to safely walk to school in the morning. The pedestrian bus has a planned route with scheduled stops. Children in the group are accompanied by parents or volunteers from the neighbourhood.

Chantal Petitclerc, 14-time Paralympic gold medalist and the Trottibus Walking School Bus ambassador, says that “the Trottibus is a really fantastic program because it teaches children the concept of walking every day and enjoying it. Being the mother of a young boy, I’m glad to see that he can, with his friends, participate in the Trottibus Walking School Bus when he’s ready for school. It’s well known that a child who exercises has strong chances of becoming an active adult.”

Established in Quebec six years ago, the Trottibus Walking School Bus has been adopted by 100 schools, of which 30 are in Montreal. In addition, a pilot project supervised by the CCS is underway in Ontario.

The Trottibus Walking School Bus is a Canadian Cancer Society initiative made possible through the financial support of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

To set up a Trottibus Walking School Bus in a school, please visit the Trottibus website.

Trottibus Walking School Bus benefits
For the child
  • Chance to make friends
  • Fun and sense of belonging to a group
  • Opportunity to become a good pedestrian
  • Better concentration in class
  • Increase in the level of physical activity
  • Reduction of the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases
For the parent
  • Sharing the responsibility of taking their child to school with other parents
  • Spending quality time with their child
  • An easier morning routine several times a week
For schools
  • Traffic calming around the school
  • Increased safety for pedestrians
  • Parents mobilized by a project that brings them together
  • Environment promotes physical activity
For communities
  • Fewer cars: families walk more to get around
  • Greener neighbourhood
  • Involvement of citizens in an intergenerational project
Borough/City School Commission Board Chosen week
Ahuntsic Saint-Antoine-Marie-Claret CSDM 9 to 13 may
Mercier École Notre–Dame-des-Victoires CSDM 9 to 13 mayi
Parc-Extension École Barthélémy-Vimont CSDM 9 to 13 may
Pierrefonds École Perce-Neige CSMB 9 to 13 may
Rosemont École Sainte-Bibiane CSDM 29 march to 1st april
Rosemont École Saint-François-Solano CSDM 16 to 20 may
Rosemont École Saint-Albert-le-Grand CSDM 9 to 13 may
Rosemont École Saint-Marc CSDM 25 to 29 april
Verdun École Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde CSMB 4 to 8 april
Verdun École Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix CSMB 9 to 13 may
Ville Émard École Cœur–Immaculé-de-Marie CSDM 4 to 8 april
Ville Mont Royal École Dunrae Gardens EMSB 2 to 6 may
Ville Saint-Laurent École Trésor-du-Boisé CSMB 2 to 6 may
Ville Saint-Laurent École Henri-Beaulieu CSMB 18 may
Villeray École Saint–Gabriel-Lalemant CSDM 16 to 20 may

The CCS’s Trottibus Week is supported by many partners: Cardio Plein Air, Jouez gagnant, CAA-Quebec, the SAAQ and the STM. They will offer complimentary services to participating schools in order to congratulate them for their commitment. This support will take the form of cardio workouts, motivational speeches, events on subjects such as road safety or setting up school safety patrols, and incentives to combine active transportation and collective transportation.

The CCS would also like to thank the following local partners who support the CCS’s efforts in guiding several schools: the Comité santé et bien-être Ahuntsic; VertCité in Ville Saint-Laurent; the Maison de l’environnement in Verdun; the Comité Pierrefonds-Roxboro en forme; the Table de concertation des aînés de l’Île de Montréal; and the REQ, the umbrella group of green districts.

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