THE CANADIAN CANCER SOCIETY’S DAFFODIL MONTH - For the past 20 years, the CCS’s Cancer Information Service has served more than a million Canadians

07 April 2016

Montreal -

The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) will sell from April 7 to 10 a little flower for a great cause: the daffodil, symbol of life and hope. This campaign will also be the occasion to shine the spotlight on the CCS’s Cancer Information Service, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

In Quebec, nearly two million daffodils will be sold by 10,000 volunteers at more than 1,500 points of sale.

An act of solidarity

In April, the CCS is asking the public to make a simple gesture of solidarity:

  • Buy fresh flowers from April 7 to 10 (at a cost of $5 for 3/$10 for 10). To find the point of sales nearest you, please visit cancer.ca/daffodil.
  • Buy a daffodil pin in one of the CCS’s regional offices.
  • Contact the CCS’s Cancer Information Service at 1 888 939-3333 or visit cancer.ca to make a donation or for any other question related to cancer.
Daffodils and the Cancer Information Service: a duo for more support

The sale of daffodils helps the CCS support tens of thousands of Quebecers living with the disease, particularly through the help given by its cancer information specialists. The CCS’s CIS responds by phone or email to questions on all aspects of the disease and the resources available in the community, no matter where a person lives in Canada. In Quebec, for the past five years, this national service has processed around 80,000 information requests. Since 1996, 1.25 million requests have been processed across the country.

“People living with cancer want to understand what’s happening to them and they need support. The CCS’s Cancer Information Service is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and it remains as relevant and important today as it was when it was created in 1996. So, each day, hundreds of Quebecers turn to the Canadian Cancer Society for trustworthy and reliable information. I encourage everyone to buy daffodils from April 7 to 10 so that the CCS can continue to be there for them and their loved ones,” says André Beaulieu, CCS spokesperson.

“For the past 20 years, the CCS’s Cancer Information Service has been offering invaluable support to Quebecers facing cancer and everything it brings,” adds Mr Beaulieu. “Fear, anxiety and incomprehension are among the most overwhelming emotions that a person living with cancer feels. These people and their loved ones have countless questions about cancer, from prevention to screening and treatment and beyond. This is where the CCS’s information specialists step in. So, we’re very happy to offer this indispensable service to the public.”

In Quebec:
  • Cancer is the leading cause of death.
  • Last year, around 50,100 people were diagnosed with cancer.
  • The number of new cancer cases will jump by at least 35% in the next 15 years .
About the Canadian Cancer Society

With the support of 300,000 annual donors and 30,000 volunteers, the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) is the Quebec cancer charity with the potential to save the most lives. Each year, some 135,000 Quebecers turn to it. So, the CCS does everything it can to increase the overall cancer survival rate, currently at 63%, to 80%.

The money raised by the CCS helps:

  • prevent more cancers and demand laws that protect health
  • fund more research projects
  • support more people living with cancer
Let’s save more lives. Visit cancer.ca or call us at 1 888 939-3333.

For more information, please contact:

André Beaulieu

Spokesperson and Senior Advisor, Public Relations

Canadian Cancer Society

Quebec Division

Phone: (514) 393-3444