A small flower for a great cause - The Canadian Cancer Society’s daffodils are back from April 3 to 6

03 April 2014

Montreal -

April is Daffodil Month. As part of this annual campaign, the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) will sell until Sunday a little flower for a great cause: the daffodil, a symbol of life and hope.

Across Quebec, nearly two million daffodils will be sold by 20,000 volunteers at 1,800 sales points in shopping centres, banks, food markets, office buildings, pharmacies, and even companies.

“My mother died of lung cancer three years ago, my brother-in-law André of colorectal cancer at 32, and Martin, a close friend, died of brain cancer. Unfortunately, it’s a disease that’s very present in our lives, may be even too much so. I hope to be able to change things. To save more lives, we must start by getting involved, and that’s what I want to do,” said Radio and television host Josée Boudreault, CCS’s Daffodil Month spokesperson.

In April, the CCS invites you to show your solidarity through simple actions:

  • Buy fresh flowers from April 3 to 6 (priced at $5 for 3/$10 for 10).
  • Buy a virtual daffodil from the CCS online at cancer.ca/jonquilles, a project in partnership with Cogeco.
  • Purchase a daffodil pin from one of the CCS’s regional offices.
  • Take part in the Twitter conversation (#MyDaffodil).
  • Contact the Cancer Information Service at 1 888 939-3333 to find out more about Daffodil Month activities or for any question about cancer.

“People touched by cancer want to have hope and feel supported. The daffodil is a symbol of human solidarity. You must see the light and there’s nothing brighter than the daffodil: a little flower for a great cause, sold by the CCS to make a difference. I encourage all XXers to buy these flowers from April 3 to 6,” adds Josée Boudreault.

The money raised during Daffodil Month saves lives: today, 63% of people who were told “you have cancer” are alive five years later. For some cancers, the survival rate is even more spectacular, particularly for childhood cancers (82%), breast cancer (88%), prostate cancer (96%), and testicular cancer (97%). In the 1940s, the survival rate was around 25%.

The CCS is the leading charitable funder of cancer in Quebec and which holds out hope of saving even more lives. How?

  • By funding innovative research projects in the province.
  • By focusing more on prevention.
  • By providing information, assistance, and direct support each year to tens of thousands of Quebecers.

Every day, the Canadian Cancer Society works to save more lives. With the support of thousands of Quebecers, donors, and volunteers, we fight to prevent more cancers, enable our researchers to make more discoveries, and help more people touched by the disease. Let’s save more lives. Visit cancer.ca or call us at 1 888 939-3333.

For more information, please contact:

André Beaulieu

Spokesperson and Senior Advisor, Public Relations

Canadian Cancer Society

Quebec Division

Phone: (514) 393-3444