Prince Edward Island

Relay For Life Survivor Celebrates the Sea of Yellow

June 2018 - Patricia Doiron was only 34 when diagnosed with cervical cancer in 1998.

Shining Waters Family Fun Park makes donation

December 2017 - Maritime Fun Group is proud to announce a donation of $4,000 in support of sun safety.

Summer Camp Brings Joy to Kids with Cancer

August 2017 - For over 30 years, the Canadian Cancer Society’s Camp Goodtime has been bringing a fun- filled week to kids living with or beyond cancer.

Early Bird Sale in Support of Skin Cancer

June 2017 - Skin cancer is the most common cancer in Canada, and it is one of the most preventable cancers.

Canadian Cancer Society calls on the Government of Prince Edward Island to adopt smoke-free outdoor spaces this World No Tobacco Day

May 2017 - With summer approaching, it’s time to adopt smoke-free parks and beaches

Canadian Cancer Society awards exceptional volunteers and donors

April 2017 - Canadian Cancer Society awards exceptional volunteers and donors

Daffodil Month Launches in Prince Edward Island

March 2017 - When loved ones are diagnosed with or die from cancer, friends and family often want to do something to help or honour them.

Embracing Support

October 2016 - Embracing Support

Canadian Cancer Society PEI Announces Changes of Executive Director

August 2016 - The Board of Directors is pleased to announce a new executive for PEI.

Daffodil Campaign Results

June 2016 - Islanders’ generosity shown once again during annual Daffodil Campaign

Credit Unions of PEI Named Maritimes Outstanding Sponsorship Partner

June 2016 - Credit Unions of PEI was recognized as the Outstanding Sponsorship Partner at the 30th Annual Maritime Philanthropy Awards.

Board Member

June 2016 - Become a Board Member

More is Better When it Comes to Sun Safety

June 2016 - Skin Cancer is the most common cancer in Canada.

Never Quit Trying to Quit PEI

May 2016 - Tobacco is one of the biggest public health threats the world has ever faced.

Canadian Cancer Society PEI Honours Their Volunteers

May 2016 - Canadian Cancer Society PEI Honours Their Volunteers

Kensington Family Awarded For Community Spirit

May 2016 - Kensington Family Awarded For Community Spirit

UPEI Researcher Recognized For Outstanding Contributions

May 2016 - UPEI Researcher Recognized For Outstanding Contributions

Team rallies to support toddler

May 2016 - Team rallies to support toddler with rare cancer

City of Summerside Encourages Islanders to get Registered

May 2016 - City of Summerside Encourages Islanders to get Registered

Relay For Life 2016 Officially Launched

April 2016 - Five community leaders were announced today to join the ranks of Relay For Life Dream Team across the country.

Eastern Kings to see an Increase in Access for Cancer Support Services

March 2016 - Canadian Cancer Society Launches Community Outreach Initiative

Vector Aerospace Takes the Fight to the Ice

February 2016 - NHL Alumni and hockey enthusiasts are lacing up for the third annual Face Off Against Cancer.

Curl For Cancer Fundraiser Honours One of Their Own

January 2016 - Islanders are invited to join the 32nd annual Curl for Cancer event in Montague this weekend.

Quitting smoking transforms health and well being

January 2016 - Cigarettes controlled my life and made me lose sight of my goals.

Murphy's Hospitality Group Helps Employees Kick the Habit!

January 2016 - Murphy Hospitality Group introduced a quit smoking challenge to its employees.

Community of Evangeline set to Honour Those Lost to Cancer

November 2015 - So many things motivate us to make the world a better place.

Island Musicians Gather in Support of the Canadian Cancer Society

November 2015 - The Society was very excited when Meaghan Blanchard agreed to join the 2015 Dream Team.

Maritime Fun

June 2015 - Maritime Fun Group shines with SunSense

Cancer cases expected to rise

May 2015 - The number of new cancer cases on Prince Edward Island will rise about 34%.

Volunteers celebrated

May 2015 - The Society celebrated the important contribution of our volunteers.

April 2015 - Islanders want to reduce cancer rates on P.E.I.

Your Voice Counts

April 2015 - Your Voice Counts

April Daffodil Campaign

April 2015 - Canadian Cancer Society launches April Daffodil Campaign

Takes the Fight to the Ice

March 2015 - The Society Takes the Fight to the ice

Time to quit

January 2015 - Time to celebrate cessation

New Years Resoultion's Quit Buddy

January 2015 - New Year's Resolutions

Cancer A Collaborative Approach

October 2014 - Naturopathic Doctor Kali Simmonds presents Cancer - A Collaborative Approach

Farquharson takes lead in fight against cancer

September 2014 - The society is pleased to announce the appointment of Jane Farquharson as interim executive director.

Capital Honda Face Off Against Cancer Wraps Up

September 2014 - Capital Honda Face Off Against Cancer Wraps Up

Capital Honda and the Society take the fight to the ice!

September 2014 - Capital Honda and the Society take the fight to the Ice!

Firetruck Puts Cancer in Perspective

June 2014 - Firetruck puts cancer in perspective

PEI Cancer Rates Higher Than National Average

May 2014 - Cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada and in Prince Edward Island.

Capital Honda Face Off Against Cancer

May 2014 - Capital Honda and the Society Take the Fight to the Ice!

2014 Volunteer Awards Ceremony

April 2014 - Volunteers honoured for impact in fight against cancer.

Premier declares April Daffodil Month on PEI

April 2014 - Premier declares April Daffodil Month on PEI

Relay For Life Provincial Launch

March 2014 - 2014 Relay For Life Provincial Launch

Cedars Eatery Remembers Employee

February 2014 - Cedar's Eatery Remembers Employee and Joins the Fight Against Cancer

Dare to Quit Smoking

January 2014 - Students Dare to Quit Smoking

Healthy Steps to a New Years you

January 2014 - Health Canada, Healthy Steps to a New Years you

Tree of Hope

November 2013

Pink Pumpkins For Cancer

September 2013 - Parker Jewell has partnered with his sons, Edwin and Irwin, in the fight against cancer.

Boots, Bikes, Boats, and Boards For a Cure

September 2013 - Runners, cyclists, boaters, kayakers and paddle board enthusiasts have a new opportunity to test their skills.

Celebrating at Relay For Life

June 2013 - Turning 21 years old is a milestone many young people celebrate by cracking a bottle of bubbly and partying into the night.

PEI Cancer Rates Higher Than National Average

May 2013 - Cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada and in Prince Edward Island.

Help make affordable access to medications a reality for Islanders!

February 2013 - I am writing today to ask for your support on an urgent issue.

Proud to be smoke free

January 2013 - On a Tuesday afternoon last August, Andrew Sprague smoked his last cigarette and hasn’t had a puff of tobacco since.

Break it Off!

November 2012 - It’s a bad relationship, one that needs to end. The time has come to DUMP cigarettes.

Janet MacQuarrie- A Breast Cancer Survivor

October 2012 - Please support the fight against breast cancer, and read a breast cancer survivors story.

PEI Women's Health Expo

September 2012 - Canadian Cancer Society volunteers participate in “PEI Women’s Health Expo” hosted by the Prince Edward Island Women’s Institute.

Queens County Relay for Life

June 2012 - Relay for Life inspires hope.


April 2012 - The Canadian Cancer Society, PEI Division, wrapped up Daffodil Month with a celebration of volunteers and professionals who have joined the society in the fight against cancer.


April 2012 - We invite you to attend our Annual General Meeting

Members of the PEI Legislature receive daffodil pins

April 2012 - Members of the PEI Legislature receive daffodil pins

Daffodils Brighten Wedding Day Celebrations

April 2012 - To some the daffodil is just a flower. To the Canadian Cancer Society it is a symbol of strength and courage.

April is Daffodil Month

March 2012 - Islanders unite behind those with cancer

Breaking Up is Hard To Do

January 2012 - She felt like she was losing her best friend. When it happened, she became depressed and was physically ill for days. But Kerri-Wynne MacLeod says quitting smoking is the best thing she’s ever done. “As my grandmother used to say, ‘Things that are worth the most, are worth the effort,’” says MacLeod.

Fighting Cancer With Healthy Resolutions

December 2011 - As the New Year approaches, the Canadian Cancer Society, P.E.I. Division, challenges Islanders to play an active role in fighting cancer.

Take Action to Prevent Cancer

October 2011 - When Lois Adams met with her doctor in May 2010, she heard the words many people fear: “You have cancer.” For Adams, the diagnosis was cervical cancer. The good news - it was at an early stage when treatment is most successful.

Local Cancer Research Highlights Women's Issues

October 2011 - The Canadian Cancer Society, P.E.I. Division, is pleased to report on a study of Prince Edward Island women dealing with breast and gynecological cancers. This research provides vital insight into the needs of this population.

Island Pharmacists Applauded For Quit Smoking Blitz

September 2011 - The Canadian Cancer Society applauds the efforts of P.E.I. Pharmacists as they take action to assist Islanders to give up tobacco for good.

We asked, they answered: the Call for Commitment to a Catastrophic Drug Program

September 2011 - The Prince Edward Island Health Charities Network has spoken up for the thousands of Islanders who are struggling to access the medications they need. We asked your political party leaders for their commitment and action plan to support these Islanders, no matter disease or condition.

Partnerships bring new support to those completing cancer treatment

September 2011 - The transition from treatment to post-treatment care can be unsettling for many cancer survivors, leaving them with questions about how to move beyond cancer and toward a healthy life. A new pilot program being offered to adults who have recently completed cancer treatment aims to support a smooth transition, offering some closure to the treatment experience and mapping next steps.

Dear Leaders: Make Catastrophic Drug Coverage a Priority

September 2011 - The Prince Edward Island Health Charities Network is asking provincial election candidates and party leaders to create equity for Islanders by committing to the implementation of a much needed catastrophic drug program in the province.

Canadians Dealing with Cancer Connect Online for Information and Support

August 2011 - The Canadian Cancer Society has introduced a new online community for people with cancer and their caregivers – CancerConnection.ca/ParlonsCancer.ca. This new online forum is a safe and welcoming place where both English and French speaking Canadians can share ideas and experiences of cancer and build friendships to support each other in their fight against the disease. Members can connect with each other as well as with the Society through blogs, profiles, discussion forums, messages, links and other shared information.

Canadian Cancer Society’s Cancer Information Service Reaches Milestone, Answers One Million Inquiries Since 1996

August 2011 - A man who had just been diagnosed with melanoma picked up the phone and called the Canadian Cancer Society’s Cancer Information Service (CIS). “I don’t know what to expect. What should I tell my family?” After several conversations with an information specialist to discuss treatment options, side effects and follow-up care for melanoma, he said, “Thank you for all your help. I’ve started to sleep better after speaking with you.”

Fundraising and the Society

July 2011 - We are passionate about furthering our mission to eradicate cancer and enhance the quality of life of people living with cancer

It’s Time to Get Screened PEI

May 2011 - Canadian Cancer Society, PEI Division responds to the Canadian Cancer Statistics 2011 with the launch of a second awareness campaign

Island Women Show Support in Fight Against Breast Cancer

April 2011 - It’s called a Thing-a-ma-boob, and while it may be a silly sounding name it carries a serious message. The Canadian Cancer Society is using the Thing-a-ma-boob to spread the word that regular mammograms save lives.

Commitment to Improved Drug Access for Islanders Not Fulfilled

April 2011 - In response to today’s budget the PEI Health Charities Network is expressing concern that Islanders are still being treated as second class citizens when it comes to access to much needed medications.

April is Daffodil Month Support a Person with Cancer by Wearing a Daffodil Pin Daffodil Day is April 27

March 2011 - Every three minutes another Canadian is faced with fighting cancer. The Canadian Cancer Society wants them to know that they are not alone.

UPEI Relay For Life Launches 10th Anniversary Year on PEI

March 2011 - The Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay For Life ran through the night at the UPEI Sports Centre from dusk on Friday to dawn on Saturday. The third annual Relay at UPEI launched the 10th Anniversary year of Relay For Life on PEI, with five more events planned across the province this spring.

Friends use Potluck with a Purpose to celebrate the past and look to the future

February 2011 - They’ve made it an annual event. It started back in 2005 when Joanne Weir and five friends decided to mark the 10th anniversary of their friend Ruth Ann Kottwitz’s death by getting together to celebrate her life. Ruth Ann died of cancer in February, 1995, at the age of 37. For the 15th anniversary, they found a whole new way to bring meaning to their get together, through Potluck with a Purpose.

Islanders Join the 2011 Relay For Life

February 2011 - Today the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay For Life held its launches for the Queens County and Kings County events. Islanders came out to register for the 2011 Relay For Life events in their community and to learn more about the impact of life saving cancer research.

Letter to the Editor

February 2011 - Re: Commercial tanning salons not the culprit (letter of the day)

Smoke Free and Loving It – One Person’s Triumph Over Tobacco

January 2011 - It was first thing she did every morning and the last thing she did at night. For over 30 years Valerie Warren loved her cigarettes and smoked well over a pack a day. But that’s all behind her now. On August 9th, 2010, Valerie Warren quit smoking. “It’s the best thing I’ve ever done,” says Warren, “I’ve never felt better, physically and I am much calmer now. I always felt stressed because I was constantly thinking about having that next cigarette. I don’t have any of that anymore and it basically makes you feel like you’re free.”


January 2011 - Canada marks National Non-Smokers Week from January 16 – 22, 2011, with Weedless Wednesday on January 19th. This is a time to encourage smokers to reduce tobacco use or quit altogether. The theme this year is “There are hundreds of reasons to quit, what’s yours?”