Healthy Steps to a New Years you

06 January 2014

Charlottetown -

Health Canada
In an effort to share information on subjects that are relevant to the health of Canadians, please find below some healthy eating tips for the New Year! We invite you to share this message with your clients, partners and members of your respective networks. You may also wish to gather their comments and send them to us.

Healthy steps to a New Year's you

You took the resolution to eat well and to exercise regularly. This will give you energy to lead a healthy, active lifestyle and help reduce the risks of nutrition-related diseases.
However, keeping New Year's resolutions can be harder than making them. To stay on track, Health Canada suggests that you take action to turn your resolve into results.

  • Choose healthy goals that are easy to achieve. Once those have been reached, then choose some new ones.
  • Think about healthier foods to add to your diet -- not just about what to eliminate.
  • Keep stock. Shopping and cooking ahead of time ensures you will always have a "plan B" in your freezer, fridge and pantry.
  • Start slow, and gradually increase your physical activity -- climbing stairs, raking leaves, even walking the dog, it all counts.

For more information on healthy steps for the new year, please visit the Healthy Canadians Website.

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