2014 Volunteer Awards Ceremony

23 April 2014

Charlottetown, PE -

Volunteers Honoured for Impact in Fight Against Cancer

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The Society, recognized the valuable contribution of its volunteers at a ceremony in Charlottetown Tuesday evening. 

Awards were presented to 12 individuals and groups for exceptional efforts in both fundraising and advancing the work of the Society. 

“It feels pretty special to be recognized for something that is so personal to me,” says Ben Cudmore.  Ben, along with his dad Jamie, sisterTess and brother Jon Cudmore received the national medal of courage for their efforts to inspire others on a cancer journey. 

While their mother, Michele Cudmore, was battling cancer that took her life in August 2013, the family advocated for catastrophic drug coverage for all Islanders and raised thousands of dollars to advance the mission of the Society.  

“My dad says it’s really Mom who deserves this award because she was so brave and such an inspiration the whole time. But it feels really good to get something like this because we have been courageous. We’ve been through a lot and we’re just happy to share our story.” 

Kathleen Murphy, a 4th year student U.P.E.I. student from Kensington, received the Outstanding Youth Leadership award.   This recognition is given to only one youth volunteer in the Canada each year.  

Murphy was chosen because of her volunteer work including her role in creating the first tan-free prom in the country at Kensington Intermediate & Senior High School in 2010.  

“We encouraged students to attend prom without tanning because of the dangerous carcinogens that go along with tanning both naturally and artificially.  That’s a trend that caught on across the country,” says Murphy. 

Murphy’s advocacy led to legislation restricting the use of tanning beds in Prince Edward Island.  “I’d like to think that the “plan-not-to-tan campaign” has had an impact on people everywhere encouraging them to embrace their own skin and avoid the dangers of tanning.”

The national award for Transformational Leadership was presented to Betty Newson from New Glasgow.   Newson served as national president of the Canadian Cancer Society during a time of significant changes within the organization.

The award for excellence in medicine and health was bestowed upon Dr. David Stewart in recognition of his work with the P.E.I. Pap Screening Clinic.

The clinic was established in 2001 with the objective of making screening to prevent cervical cancer more accessible to Island women.  Now, more than 1,800 women are screened at outreach clinics each year.

“When we continuously hear of family and friends diagnosed with this disease, it’s sometimes hard to remember the progress we are making,” says Lori Barker, executive director of the P.E.I. division of the Canadian Cancer Society.  “But thanks to research and education, we are able to detect cancer earlier than ever before, treatments are more effective and the rates of survival continue to increase. We truly value the contribution of all our volunteers. Together we will change cancer forever.”

Divisonal Awards

The Della Rowledge Murphy Memorial Volunteer Award-  Dave Poirier 

Leaders of Tomorrow-  Stephanie Culleton 

Outstanding Service Award- Ewan Clark 

Eileen Fulford Memorial Award- Jim Doyle 

Outstanding Achievement Award

Relay For Life- 2013- Dream Team Alfred Arsenault, Charles Keliher, Cindy MacFadyen, Joseph Rowledge, Jamie Cudmore, Mark Simmons, Dr. Herb Dickieson

Community Champion Award-  Barry Stewart 

Outstanding Donor Award-   Golf For The Cure- Bonna Hyde, Jeannie Ready, and Jean Kelly of Belvedere Golf Club

Outstanding Donor Award-   Line Road Triple Challenge- Lionel Gallant, and Faye Fyfe

Relay For Life Community Spirit Award-

Class Act- Lori Ann MacDonald, Tim Murphy, Betty MacDonald, Jeri Traer, Paula Wilson-Walsh, Lorraine Lanigan, Gwen Watson, Stefanie Clarke, Kathleen Compton, Chrissy Czank, Claudia King, Tracy Campbell, Amanda Cuzack, Josée St. Laurent, Edwena Arbuckle, Michelle Kennedy

Award for Excellence in Medicine and Health- Dr. David I. Stewart 

National Awards

Outstanding Youth Leadership-  Kathleen Murphy 

Transformational Leadership-  Elizabeth Newson 

Medal of Courage-  The Cudmore Family, Jamie, Michelle (posthumously), Ben, Jon, and Tess 


Photo Credits:  (1) Elizabeth Newson (center) receives National Award for Transformational Leadership from Dr. Bill Whelan, Past Chair, PEI Division, and National CEO Pamela Fralick. (2)  Jamie Cudmore receives Medal Of Courage from Pamela Fralick as son, Jon, looks on.  (3) Kathleen Murphy (left) is congratulated by PEI Division Executive Director, Lori Barker. (4) Dr. David I. Stewart (center) receives Award for Excellence in Medicine and Health from Dr. Bill Whelan, Past Chair, PEI Division, and National CEO Pamela Fralick.



The Canadian Cancer Society is a national community-based organization of volunteers whose mission is the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of people living with cancer. When you want to know more about cancer, visit our website www.cancer.ca or call our toll-free, bilingual Cancer Information Service at 1 888 939-3333.

For more information, please contact:

Lori Barker

Executive Director

Phone: 902-566-4007