Relay For Life Supports Kids Living With Cancer

17 May 2012

Halifax -

The Canadian Cancer Society Camp Goodtime in 2012 is one example of a program partially funded by Relay For Life events. Camp Goodtime is a week-long summer camp for kids aged 7-15 living with cancer or a brain tumor. The usual summer activities like canoeing, swimming, arts and crafts, outdoor education and sing-a-long sessions are all part of the Camp Goodtime experience.

But Camp Goodtime is different from other summer camps in that it gives kids the opportunity to interact with others that understand what they are going through. Kids in active cancer treatment can have their chemotherapy at camp with the support of health professionals.

Last year 71 kids from across Nova Scotia attended Camp Goodtime. Siobhan Darlington-Moore is a former camper who has scars and vague memories of her cancer.

Siobhan was diagnosed at two and a half years of age with germ cell cancer on her kidney. “I remember going into a large white scanning machine, sneaking off to the playroom, having no hair, and choosing my own hat from the tickle trunk to cover my baldness,” says Siobhan. “My tumor was massive, and it prevented one of my kidneys from developing properly; it too was removed. I have my horizontal scar, going all the way across my stomach, slicing me in half, and my portacath to remind me every day how lucky I am to be alive,” she says.

“My circumstances were so bizarre that no doctors could confirm that my treatment would even work, and my parents were told to prepare for the worst. If nature had of run its course, I would not be here. Something wants me to live, and accomplish something great,” says Siobhan.

Now twenty, Siobhan has for the last three years helped other kids at Camp Goodtime as a camp buddy and a camp counselor. “It’s a place where young survivors come together, who can remember every single detail, all of the pain, and still continue to fight,” Siobhan says. “These children are far braver than any other beings I have ever met with. It truly is the most magical place.”

It’s not too late to register a team, volunteer or donate to a Relay For Life Team. Go to for more information about how you can support programs like Camp Goodtime.

Friends, families and neighbours are rallying for Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life events taking place this June in 22 locations across the province. Relay For Life funds important programs and services for the mission areas of the Canadian Cancer Society – research investment, prevention initiatives and supportive programs.

Donors, volunteers and corporate sponsors are fighting back against cancer by offering kids a chance to have fun along with the realization that they are not alone.

August 19-24, 2012, Camp Goodtime will be held at Brigadoon Village in the Annapolis Valley, which will provide new opportunities for memorable camp experiences.

For more information about Camp Goodtime go to or email us at or call toll free 1-800-639-0222

The Canadian Cancer Society is a national community-based organization of volunteers whose mission is the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of people living with cancer. When you want to know more about cancer, visit our website or call our toll-free, bilingual Cancer Information Service at 1 888 939-3333.

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