Catastrophic Drug Coverage

05 May 2011

Fredericton -

A Saint John man who has struggled for years to pay for medications to treat a form of arthritis known as Ankylosing Spondylitis presented his petition in the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick today calling upon the provincial government to implement a catastrophic drug program for New Brunswick.

Terry Crowe helped gather nearly 8,300 signatures in support of a catastrophic drug program. A Corporate Research Associates poll conducted in 2009 also clearly indicates that New Brunswickers are behind this issue (76%).

Mr. Crowe presented the petition along with members of the New Brunswick Catastrophic Drug Stakeholders’ Group, which has been calling on the New Brunswick government to follow through on its commitment to establish a provincial catastrophic drug program. Such a program would help New Brunswickers pay for medications they need but cannot afford. New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island are the only two provinces in Canada that do not have catastrophic drug programs.

“The New Brunswick Catastrophic Drug Stakeholders Group will continue to work to ensure the provincial government follows through on its commitment to implement a catastrophic drug program for New Brunswick,” said Anne McTiernan-Gamble, CEO of the Canadian Cancer Society New Brunswick. “This will protect all New Brunswickers from the high costs of medications needed to treat serious illnesses.”

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