$15.5 billion class action against tobacco companies

02 June 2015

Toronto -

The class action suit against the tobacco manufacturers has just been granted $15.5 billion in damages and interest. The Canadian Cancer Society hails this landmark ruling, which shines a spotlight on decades of dishonest behaviour by tobacco companies.

"This is a great day for justice and for people suffering from tobacco-related illnesses," declared Mélanie Champagne, Director, Public Issues, with the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) – Quebec Division. "The ruling that was handed down, while severe, does not begin to reflect the suffering caused by this manipulative industry, which has led to the death of hundreds of thousands of Quebecers, who were lied to for decades. For the CCS, this ruling unequivocally proves that the fight against tobacco must continue to be a priority for Quebec society. Still today, tobacco causes one-third of cancer deaths. Bill 44, recently tabled in the National Assembly and currently awaiting adoption, would help prevent many future deaths caused by unscrupulous cigarette manufacturers."

Rob Cunningham, lawyer and Senior Policy Analyst for the Canadian Cancer Society, is available for comments and media interviews.

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