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Annual report

National Annual Report 2014/2015

Our annual report illustrates how we are committed to deliver on our promise to have more impact, against more cancers, in more communities, than any other cancer charity in Canada. We do this by fighting all cancers on multiple fronts – through prevention, advocacy, research and supporting those living with cancer.

We’ve been with you in the fight for life. We are finding new ways to prevent cancer and continue to support those living with cancer. There is still so much more to do.

Together we can change cancer forever. Change depends on you.

Download the 2014/2015 National annual report.

Nova Scotia annual report

Impacting cancer together. Here and now. 2014-2015  

Because of you: 2013-2014
A fight that inspires action: 2012-2013
Report to Our Community – Your Year in Review 2011-2012
Engaging Nova Scotians in the Fight for Life: 2010 - 2011 
Were Fighting Back: 2009 - 2010 
Reasons to Believe: 2008 - 2009

To obtain a printed copy of this year’s annual report, contact:
5826 South Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 1S6
Tel: 902-423-6183 or toll-free: 1 800 639-0222
Fax: 902-429-6563




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