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Annual report

National Annual Report 2014/2015

Our annual report illustrates how we are committed to deliver on our promise to have more impact, against more cancers, in more communities, than any other cancer charity in Canada. We do this by fighting all cancers on multiple fronts – through prevention, advocacy, research and supporting those living with cancer.

We’ve been with you in the fight for life. We are finding new ways to prevent cancer and continue to support those living with cancer. There is still so much more to do.

Together we can change cancer forever. Change depends on you.

Download the 2014/2015 National annual report.

  • National archived annual reports
  • Alberta/NWT Division annual report

    The Canadian Cancer Society, Alberta/NWT Division, is pleased to share with you our Annual Report for 2014-15. In it, you’ll see how your generous contributions of time and money are making a significant difference in the fight against cancer.

    Be proud of the difference you are making in the lives of Canadians living with cancer now and in the future.

    Fundraising to make an impact

    The most effective way to fight back against cancer is to raise money for cancer research, prevention initiatives, and caring support programs for people living with cancer. Your generous contributions helped raise more than $7.5 million in support of the Canadian Cancer Society, Alberta/NWT Division, in 2014/15, which was invested in:

    • the most promising cancer research in Canada
    • programs, services and comprehensive information for people living with cancer in our communities
    • advocacy efforts for healthy public policies that will decrease the risk of cancer and protect the rights of those affected by cancer

    Mission investment 2014/15

    pie chartFundraising makes it possible for the Canadian Cancer Society to invest millions every year into our life-saving work that will bring us closer to the day when no Canadian fears cancer. Our promise to you is that we are diligent in spending every dollar wisely. That’s why we decreased our fundraising expenses by nearly 13% from our previous fiscal year.

    Unfortunately, we also saw our revenue decline steeply by 11% from our previous fiscal year.

    Despite the significant decrease in donations, the Society remained prudent in investing your money so it would have the greatest impact in the fight for life. In 2014-15, you made it possible to:

    • invest $7.5 million in the Society’s program delivery, research and advocacy efforts – of which more than $5.2 million was directly invested in Alberta and the Northwest Territories;
    • help more than 11,600 Albertans and Northerners living with cancer by providing the financial, practical and emotion support they needed most;
    • contribute more than $2.7 million to the Society’s total cancer research investment of $44 million;
    • partner with more than 10 organizations that specialize in areas such as palliative care, young adult cancer and childhood cancer to ensure we’re meeting all the needs of all people living with cancer in Alberta and the Northwest Territories; and,
    • successfully advocate our government to implement public policies that will help to reduce the number of cancer cases by helping keep Alberta youth tobacco free for life and prevent young people from using tanning beds, as well as providing job-protected leave for family caregivers.

    Hear from the people who directly benefited from your support of the Canadian Cancer Society by reading our Progress Report 2014/15:

    Thank you for joining us in the fight against cancer

    The Canadian Cancer Society, Alberta/NWT Division, thanks the following supporters for their generous contributions and dedication to the fight against cancer. Your investment in the Canadian Cancer Society is an investment in change – an investment that is bringing us closer to the day when no Canadian fears cancer.

    Financial statements

    See the audited financial statements of the Canadian Cancer Society, Alberta/NWT Division. 



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