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Letter from Chair of the Board of Directors, Robert Lawrie

Robert LawrieCancer most often occurs in older people, and our population is aging and facing that higher risk. While medicine continues to make progress detecting and treating cancer, and producing higher survival rates, the Society needs to prepare to provide more services to more Canadians who are facing the disease.

Today, cancer continues to affect us all – patients, families and friends – and the Society will do more to improve all of our journeys caused by this disease. We are working to streamline our operations and improve communications. We have already combined our administration into a single structure reaching from coast to coast. Our donor dollars will go even further as we eliminate duplications and simplify internal processes. With our committed staff, volunteers and donors, we will continue our progress towards our vision of creating a world where no Canadian will fear cancer.

Since 1938, we have kept patients and their families at the heart of our work, by collaborating with all levels of government to shape public policies to protect Canadians from environmental threats and behavior that can cause cancer. Our staff and volunteers continue to reach into communities across the country to educate people about prevention. And the Society continues to be the largest charitable funder of cancer research, advancing understanding of the disease, and discovering treatments and cures.

Our mission is focused on enhancing the lives of patients and their families in any way we can - from support and information services to funding clinical trials, to advocating for better health policies.

Please join the fight against cancer by volunteering your time and making donations. Your support is urgently needed and will help us fulfill our mission.

A message from our local chair

Jeff Stockhausen

During my years with the Nova Scotia Division’s Board of Directors, one thing has become abundantly clear — Canadian Cancer Society supporters are relentless in the fight against cancer.

We’ve made great progress thanks to our volunteers, donors, staff and partners who empower us to do everything possible to prevent cancer, save lives and support those living with the disease.

By keeping focused on the mission of the Society and working together – Nova Scotians are supporting leading-edge research, advocating for healthier public policies and providing much-needed patient programs and services.

We’re proud to be Canada’s largest national not-for-profit funder of research, because research is saving lives. As Nova Scotians, we have the unfortunate distinction of having among the highest rates of many cancers in the country.

While we fund research to better understand why this is, we are strong advocates whose well-placed influence encourages government to enact public policies that will help prevent cancer and help those living with cancer.

Of course, we cannot offer any of these programs and services without the generosity of Nova Scotians. You make our work possible. Thank you for your generous support!

Jeff Stockhausen
Chair, Board of Directors



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